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Byrne sq

Innovation: Reaching Out Across Campus

The Neeley School of Business and the College of Science & Engineering are next door on campus, but it can seem like light years separate them. Until one innovative, interdisciplinary project brought them together.

May 15,  2018
Parker Ron sq

Ronald C. Parker Awarded TCU Neeley’s Bob Bolen Civic Leadership Award

Parker, former president and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council and retired senior vice president for PepsiCo, is honored for his service to the community.

May 14,  2018
BBA Awards sq

TCU Neeley Students Honored for Outstanding Achievements

Congratulations to our exceptional business students who were honored for superior academics and leadership accomplishments.

May 10,  2018
Boone Audra sq

Shield Competitive Information or Share it with Potential Investors? What’s a New Firm to Do?

The initial public offering (IPO) has a big impact on a company’s growth. Audra Boone, the C.R. Williams Professor in Financial Services, researched how withholding competitively sensitive information at the IPO can benefit companies in the long run.

May 07,  2018
sales sq

Sales and Customer Insights Center Opens at TCU Neeley School of Business

The center is uniquely dedicated to both the sales and customer aspects of marketing, to help businesses and students better understand and leverage the synergies in the buyer-seller relationship. 

May 01,  2018
Neeley Leaders sq

AACSB International Recognizes TCU Neeley for Innovation in Leadership Development

The BNSF Neeley Leadership program was honored in the Innovations That Inspire challenge for enhancing students’ ability to lead themselves, lead others and lead change in business and life.

April 20,  2018
Lockwood Larry sq

Larry Lockwood’s Advice on Near-Term Investments Featured in US News & World Report

In today's efficient market, a stock price is likely to have tomorrow's news built into its price, said Larry Lockwood, the Stan Block Endowed Chair in Finance.

April 19,  2018
Big 12 sq

TCU MBAs Win First Place in Big 12 Competition

Big 12 bragging rights just got a little bigger. A team of super-smart TCU MBAs won First Place in the Big 12 MBA Case Competition, the first time TCU has won since joining the conference.

April 16,  2018
Uhl-Bien Mary sq

Mary Uhl-Bien Interviewed on CNBC about Facebook

Management Professor Mary Uhl-Bien was called upon by CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to provide insights on Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership in light of the Facebook data breach scandal.

April 12,  2018
Neeley Fellows sq

Neeley Fellows Celebrate a Decade of Accomplishments

It has been a remarkable 10 years since the first Neeley Fellows class graduated and paved a high-caliber path for others to follow.

April 11,  2018
VandV 2018 winner sq

TCU Entrepreneurship Competition for Social Businesses Awards $78,250 to Winners out of 55 Teams

Better access for autism treatment. Cold endurance masks for asthmatic children. Cleaner hospital sinks to prevent deadly infections. The TCU Neeley Entrepreneurship Center funds these ideas and more for the 2018 Values and Ventures® Competition.  

April 09,  2018
Health Care Forum sq

Health Care Panel Discusses Effective Ways to Combat Opioid Crisis

Experts from emergency medicine, pharmacy and mental health talked with Dr. Stuart Flynn, dean of the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine, at the annual Health Care Forum.

April 05,  2018
Jose and Olivia sq

TCU Neeley Seniors Featured in Poets & Quants´ Best and Brightest Business Students 2018

Olivia Hartjen and Jose Barron are featured in an exclusive list that honors 100 of the most accomplished seniors majoring in business in the United States.

April 04,  2018
VandV sq

TCU Neeley’s 2018 Values and Ventures® Competition Welcomes a Record 55 Teams

They have a head for business and a heart for humanity. College students from around the world are headed to TCU April 6-7 to pitch business ideas that make a difference while making a profit.

April 02,  2018
Harris Brad sq

There is no “I” in Teams, Right? Not Quite.

Dr. Brad Harris researched teamwork in the office, on the field, in the classroom and everywhere else in our lives, and discovered some surprising pitfalls to achieving collective success and individual well-being.

March 29,  2018
real estate sq

TCU Neeley Launches Center for Real Estate

The DFW Metroplex is one of the foremost real estate hubs in the country, making it the perfect place for a center to provide research, training and partnerships for students and professionals. 

March 27,  2018
rank Tier1 sq

New Rankings Show TCU MBA is a Powerful Degree

TCU Neeley is ranked Tier One for MBA and No. 19 for Executive MBA by CEO Magazine.

March 26,  2018
Yes And sq

How TCU Neeley is Turning “What if” into “Yes, and”

At TCU Neeley, we turn “what if” into “yes, and” to show our students that in a world full of nay-sayers, encouragement and collaboration are more powerful than any critic.

March 23,  2018
Roh and Krause

Getting a Little Respect: Supply Chain Officers are Powerful Players in Top Management

Joe Roh, associate professor of supply chain management, and Ryan Krause, associate professor of strategy, prove that giving supply chain officers a seat in the C-suite leads to superior results.

March 13,  2018
Sledge Susan sq

Susan Sledge Named Director of BNSF Neeley Leadership Program

Sledge, previously employer relations and career advisor in the Alcon Career Center, will lead the three-year transformational leadership development program for select business students.

March 05,  2018
Lehman Meg sq

Meg Lehman is the new Program Director of Neeley Fellows

Lehman, previously national employment recruiter in the Alcon Career Center, will lead the three-year, high-caliber academic program for top business students.

February 26,  2018
Lead on sq

Take the Lead On Business as a Force for Good

Garrett Adair and Nik Hall are ethical leaders who found a way to make business work for people.

February 16,  2018
MEL Research sq

TCU Management Professors Excel at Publishing Research

Need to know the latest discoveries in management, entrepreneurship and leadership? Look to TCU Neeley’s highly published professors.

February 12,  2018
supply chain comp sq

TCU Supply Chain Graduate Students Win First Place at National Competition

They brought the heat. The TCU team won in a competition among graduate students from 15 universities.

February 07,  2018
Grau Stacy sq

Leading by Design

Stacy Landreth Grau, professor of marketing practice and the lead instructor for Design Thinking, is honored as Neeley Alumni Professor of the Year.

February 02,  2018
Alcon sq

Supply Chain Majors Get On-the-Job Experience

“We get academia’s finest to stick their noses into our business and give us recommendations,” said Thomas Proell, vice president of global supply chain for Alcon.

January 22,  2018

TCU Neeley Executive Education Partners with African-American Women’s Leadership Institute

The annual program is designed to hone the leadership skills of African-American women as they elevate their careers and transform the futures of corporations, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures.

January 17,  2018
Hitt Michael sq

Power, Greed, Even Altruism Can Put CEOs and Companies at Risk

Whether greed or generosity, leaders’ extremes mean trouble ahead for their companies, according to research by Michael Hitt, Distinguished Research Fellow.

January 11,  2018
Hmieleski Keith sq

Keith Hmieleski Named the Robert and Edith Schumacher Executive Faculty Fellow in Innovation and Technology

In addition to his new executive fellowship, Hmieleski, one of the leading entrepreneurship professors in the country, will serve as the academic director for the TCU Neeley entrepreneurship program. 

January 05,  2018
simulation sq

One Week to Build a Business. Let the Games Begin!

For the final week of the semester, TCU MBAs must build a business, finance it, supply the product, manage employees, market it and make it financially sound.

December 15,  2017
new faculty sq

Meet Your Newest TCU Neeley Professors

TCU Neeley welcomes nine new faculty members who deepen our academic experience with excellent teaching, research and professional experience.

December 12,  2017
2 Rank

Undergrad Alumni Endorse TCU Neeley for Academics, Mentoring and Preparation

Who better to trust for a candid opinion of their business school than recent alumni? Ours put TCU Neeley second in the nation as recommended to friends in the 2017 Poets&Quants undergrad B-school ranking.

December 08,  2017
Wempe Plummer sq

Better Health Care? How the Affordable Care Act Affected Physician-Owned Hospitals

The ACA imposed restrictions on physician-owned hospitals to improve quality of care. Elizabeth Plummer, professor of accounting, and Bill Wempe, associate professor of accounting, researched those hospitals to see if the restrictions worked.

November 30,  2017
N and A sq

Neeley & Associates MBAs Stand and Deliver as Paid Consultants for Major Corporations

As members of Neeley & Associates, first-year TCU MBAs undertake consulting projects for corporate clients who pay a significant fee for the work – and get impactful results.

November 27,  2017
Uhl-Bien Mary sq

Mary Uhl-Bien Interviewed on CNBC about New CEO at General Electric

Management Professor Mary Uhl-Bien was called upon by “Squawk Box” to grade the performance of General Electric CEO John Flannery as the company attempts a massive turnaround plan.

November 14,  2017
Harris Brad sq

Brad Harris Talks to Fast Company about First Impressions During Job Interviews

“The questions people ask at the beginning of interviews can lead to unconscious bias,” said Brad Harris, assistant professor of management.

November 14,  2017
Supply Chain win sq

TCU Supply Chain Students Win at Michigan State Challenge

In a nail-bitingly close competition, TCU supply chain majors Carly Boobar, Kat Law, Mark Alar and Kris Kutch took second place out of 15 teams from universities across the country.

November 09,  2017
10 Rank

TCU MBA Ranks Top 10 Best Administered MBA Program in the Nation by Princeton Review

Where is the best place to earn a Master of Business Administration degree? How about one of the top 10 Best Administered MBA programs in the United States?

November 07,  2017
Accounting win sq

Two Years in a Row! TCU Accounting Students Take First in Grant Thornton Competition

For a major repeat, another all-star team of TCU Neeley accounting students brought home the trophy and $7,500 in the DFW Metroplex accounting competition.

November 02,  2017
Pepsi Awards sq

PepsiCo Awards $15,000 to Winning MBA Students at TCU Neeley Case Competition

MBA students from across the country came to TCU Oct. 27-28 with crisp, smooth, refreshing ideas for PepsiCo in the third annual MBA business case competition.

October 31,  2017
2 Rank

TCU MBA Ranks No. 2 in the World for Faculty Quality, Top 5 Four Years in a Row

When it comes to the world’s best MBA professors, TCU MBA professors are second to, well, only one.

October 26,  2017
PepsiCo sq

MBA Students Across the Country Come to TCU for PepsiCo Case Competition Oct. 27-28

Eight teams of students, each team member from a different school, will put their best MBA skills to the test for PepsiCo judges.

October 23,  2017
BIS sq

Business Information Systems Seniors Work on Projects for Impressive Companies

Each team creates a contract, charter, project scope, stakeholder analysis and requirements analysis, and then delivers a high-level implementation plan to leading execs.

October 20,  2017
MAc Anniversary sq

TCU Master of Accounting Celebrates 20-year Anniversary

TCU MAc students, alumni and faculty members celebrated with a TCU football tailgate to mark the 20th anniversary of the Master of Accounting program.

October 17,  2017
Allen David sq

Welcome New Associate Dean of Graduate Programs David Allen

Dr. Allen, editor of the Journal of Management, joins TCU Neeley to oversee all graduate programs and executive education.

October 10,  2017
Cowtown Angels sq

Cowtown Angels Fellows: Real Money. Real Companies. Real Investors.

TCU MBAs learn what it takes to be an angel investor who directly impacts the success of local entrepreneurs and their early-stage companies.

September 26,  2017
Moncrief and Rhodes sq

Neeley Professors Featured in Poets & Quants´ Top 40 Undergraduate Business Professors 2017

Bill Moncrief and Rob Rhodes are featured in a list that honors 40 of the most accomplished professors teaching business in the U.S.

September 22,  2017
China sq

TCU Neeley Students Are “Awestruck” During Visit to China

TCU Neeley offers Study Abroad programs for students to visit countries around the world, including China, which students said was “amazing,” “eye-opening” and “helped me gain a new perspective.”

September 18,  2017
Uhl-Bien Mary sq

Mary Uhl-Bien Honored with Leadership Quarterly’s Decennial Award

You could call it the research of the decade. Uhl-Bien’s work on complexity leadership has earned accolades for having a substantial impact for 10 years and counting.

September 15,  2017
Fulbright sq

Two Neeley Professors Honored as Fulbright Faculty Scholars

Management Professor Garry Bruton and Marketing Professor Minakshi Trivedi received prestigious Fulbright awards for their global research and teaching.

September 12,  2017
Shaddock Fund sq

Entrepreneurship and Investing: A Marriage Made in B-School

When students who need funds to finance a business plan meet with students who hold the purse strings of the Shaddock Venture Capital Fund, the result is experience they can’t get anywhere else.

September 07,  2017
2 Rank

TCU Supply Chain Graduate Program is No. 2 in the Nation

The TCU Neeley School of Business is ranked second in the United States for graduate supply chain education and the highest ranked business school in Texas.

August 30,  2017
Construction sq

The Future is Underway at the TCU Neeley School of Business

Construction activity began over the summer as Dan D. Rogers Hall came down to make room for a more contemporary, collaborative, motivating building complex.

August 24,  2017
Hitt Michael sq

Michael Hitt Honored with Distinguished Educator Award by Academy of Management

The award, one of the highest honors given by the academy, recognizes Hitt’s long-term, positive impact on the field.

August 23,  2017
Uhl-Bien Mary sq

Mary Uhl-Bien Interviewed on CNBC About CEOs Leaving the President’s Business Councils

“This is a seriously lost opportunity,” said Management Professor Mary Uhl-Bien, discussing the departure of corporate leaders from President Trump’s business councils.

August 17,  2017
Exec Ed

Executives: Add TCU Expertise to Your Skills and Strategies

Come back to school for a few days and walk away with tools, skills and knowledge to solve challenges, adapt your thinking and deliver results with greater success for you and your organization.

August 03,  2017
Sunder Sarang sq

Three Reasons Salespeople Leave, and How to Prevent It

Losing an up-and-coming salesperson? It might be due to their coworkers as much as their performance. Research by Sarang Sunder, assistant professor of marketing, shows how you can predict when and why salespeople quit.

July 26,  2017
Smilor Matt award sq

Values and Ventures Honored with Innovative Achievement Award

What’s better than a competition that rewards students for businesses ideas that make a difference in the lives of others? Winning an award for it.

July 18,  2017
Nancy Nix sq

Nancy Nix Honored with Distinguished Service Award by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Nix founded the Center for Supply Chain Innovation and served as executive director of the Executive MBA program before her retirement from TCU.

July 11,  2017
Cron Bill sq

Maximizing Customer Value Goes Beyond Delivering a Great Product

In the competition for customers, companies pull ahead by attaining levels of customer satisfaction exceeding that of competitors, and that means having a strategically designed, trained and supported sales force.

June 27,  2017

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