Neeley Entrepreneurship Center | Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition

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TCU Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Competition

A unique annual competition for undergraduate students around the world to pitch plans for businesses, products or services that make a profit while also benefiting the environment, the community or a specific population. Presented by the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center.

2014 UArkansas homeSixth Annual TCU Values and Ventures Competition

April 8-9, 2016

2016 Prizes

Grand Prize $25,000
Second Place $15,000
Third Place $10,000
Founders Award $5,000
Sly Entrepreneurship Award $2,500
Honorable Mentions (6) $2,500
Ripple Effect Award (3) $1,000
Elevator Pitch First Place $1,000
Second $500
Third (tie) $250
Honorable Mentions (2) $100



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Twitter: @NeeleySchoolTCU