TCU's Richards Barrentine Values and Ventures® Competition

Inspiring doesn't begin to cover it.

VandV Devan speaking

Each spring, we invite students from around the world to pitch ideas for conscious capitalism ventures that make a profit while also solving a problem. Winners take home thousands of dollars to help make their ideas come true.

Recycling plants that employ the homeless. Better access to autism treatment. Human-powered farm machines. Payment kiosks that don’t charge banking fees. These are a few of the business ideas we’ve awarded since 2011.

Bring us your idea. Let’s change the world.  

April 2020

Thank you to the 56 university teams who participated in the 2019 competition.

Check back here for dates and deadlines for the 2020 competition.

Click below to the see the winners of the 2019 competition and here for their photos.

Click here for all photos from the 2019 competition.


Grand Prize $40,000
Second Place $25,000
Third Place $15,000
Honorable Mentions (6) $2,500 each
Elevator Pitch First $1,250
Elevator Pitch Second $750
Elevator Pitch Third $500
Honorable Mentions (3) $250 each

Plus additional in-kind awards from our sponsors.

Special Awards

All teams are eligible for these special cash awards.

Founders Award $5,000
Sly Innovation Award $2,500