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iconiconiconNameBrandon ChicotskyImageBrandon ChicotskyFirstnameBrandonLastnameChicotskyOffice Phone817-257-5139
Position:Assistant Professor of Professional PracticeDepartment:Marketing DepartmentOffice:Neeley 3353Role:FacultyEducation
  • The University of Alabama, PhD (2017) Communication & Information Sciences
  • New York University, MSM (2012) Management & Entrepreneurship
  • The University of Texas at Austin, BA (2007) Cultural Anthropology & Government
Areas of Expertise / Research
  • Branding and strategic marketing with complimentary topics relevant to emerging technology and entrepreneurship.
Work Experience
  • Real Estate Investor (Primary location: Fort Worth, Texas) - Portfolio assets include active rental properties, refurbishments, and reporposing for mixed-use in association with Chicotsky Real Estate Group, which is housed under Biggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty (chicotsky.com).
  • Founder and Advisory Board Member, Diversity Policy (DiversityPolicy.com) Fall 2017 - Present - Diversity Policy is a comprehensive search engine and shareable archive of university policy (and soon publicly traded equities).
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Worksheet Capital, WorksheetCapital.com 2017 - 2018 - Managed a terminal contract with a hedge fund to provide insights on cryptographic trading assets. Oversaw branding, information output, and engagements for the client and subscribers.
  • Chief Marketing Officer, Simply International, SimplyInternational.com 2013 - 2014 • An "edu-tech" venture providing support for universities enacting international travel programs. - Managed company's hiring and marketing practices to reach first $1 million yearly revenue goal.
  • Assistant Area Director, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC.org 2008 - 2010 - Lobby agency focused on aid appropriations to strategic allies of the U.S. • Raised over $250,000 during my tenure, drafted policy briefs, and organized Congressional trips.
  • Managing Associate, Texas Ventures (TxV Inc. Foundation) 2007 - 2011 - A startup fundraising coalition. Led investor relations. Portfolio startups included Rally.org.
Courses Taught
  • Social Media and the Brand (INTG 2100) New York University, 2 sections - Industry-applied master's seminar covering multi-channel marketing plans, data analytics, campaign strategy, content creation, and business principles with "active" case analyses. Semesters taught: Spring 2019; Summer 2019.
  • Capstone (INTG 4000) New York University, 2 sections - This is the final master's course for integrated marketing students, which requires a full business plan involving comprehensive financials and a marketing plan for scalable growth. Semester taught: Spring 2019.
  • Business Communication (BU 120) Johns Hopkins University, 9 sections - Teach graduate students in the finance and information systems programs. Incorporate experiential learning exercises with industry personnel and immersive case studies. Semesters taught: Fall I 2017; Fall I 2018; Fall II 2018; Spring I 2019.
  • Business Leadership & Human Values (BU 131) Johns Hopkins University, 20 sections - MBA, MS Finance, MS Info. Science students. Recruit industry leaders for in-class learning. Developed and implemented curriculum reform centered on, "innovation ethics." Semesters taught: Summer 2017; Summer 2018; Fall II 2018; Spring II 2019 (2 online sections); Summer 2019 (4 sections).
  • Group Leadership (COM 560) University of Alabama, 3 sections - Asynchronous online course utilizing multiple media platforms for student engagement. Leveraged "edu-tech" to generate dialogic curiosity. Compilation available at Barnes & Noble under the title, "Next Generation Discourse." Semesters taught: Summer 2017; Spring 2019; Summer 2019.
  • UNDERGRADUATE-GRADUATE HYBRID COURSE Organizational Models in Media Entrepreneurship (COM 495/595) University of Alabama, 1 section - Initiated and designed an online course with an emphasis on experiential learning. Semester taught: Summer 2018.
  • Marking Communications (MARK 40233) Texas Christian University, 1 section (forthcoming in fall 2019) - A course covering strategic, organizational, and implementation processes of marketing.
  • Marking Communications (MARK 40233) Texas Christian University, 1 section (forthcoming in fall 2019) - Curriculum focused on owned, earned, and paid media, along with social media dissemination.
  • Investigation & Insights (APR 280) University of Alabama, 4 sections, 30-50 students - Secured Nissan as a client-partner, served on curriculum development committee. Oversaw regional research that informed Nissan's marketing decisions. Semesters taught: Fall 2015; Spring 2017. More information available at APR280.com.
  • Introduction to Mass Communications (MC 101) University of Alabama, 3 sections, 60-170 students - Recruited in-person guest lectures from various industry leaders (e.g., COO of Equinix). Semesters taught: Fall 2014; Spring 2015; Fall 2016.
  • Public Relations Writing (APR 332) University of Alabama, 3 sections, 15-20 students - Assignments included PR strategy after public quarterly earnings reports.Semesters taught: Spring 2016; Summer 2016. More information available at APR332.com.
  • Information & Society: Digital Management (CIS 201) University of Alabama, 1 section, 20 students - New course open to all honors students. Topics included digital information management and societal implications of data breaches on internal and external corporate stakeholders. Semester taught: Spring 2017.
Key Publications
  • Chicotsky, B. & Qiao, F. (2018). Laughing and yelling through yaks: a content analysis of Yik Yak, exploring humor topics, types, styles and user motives in the anonymous social media environment. The Journal of Social Media in Society, 7(1), 211-232.
  • Stokes, E., & Chicotsky, B., & Billings, A. (2018). The political pulpit: framing and political partisanship in sermon rhetoric before and after the 2008 election. Church, Communication, & Culture (Taylor & Francis), 3(1) 36-52.
  • Qiao, F., & Chicotsky, B., Billings, A.C. (2016). Loving "Mapple Store" but hating "Sprawl-Mart": a case study of parodies in 'The Simpsons.' KOME Journal, 4, 69-83.
  • Chicotsky, B., & Heiss, S. (2019). Slogan-like summaries: a pedagogical approach. Submitted to Syllabus Journal. Accepted ("revise and resubmit" process is complete): prospective publication in November, 2019.
  • Chicotsky, B. (2018). Entrepreneurship as a Student Experience and State of Mind. In M.G. Strawser (Ed.) Transformative Student Experiences in Higher Education: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Student and Modern Workplace. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
  • Chicotsky, B., & Qiao, F. (2016). Athletes as the new investment vehicle: advancing the meaning of brand personas in sports media. In A.C. Billings and K.A. Brown (Eds.) Evolution of the Modern Sports Fan. Lanham: MD: Lexington Books.
Awards / Recognition
  • Carey Service and Mentorship Award (Nominee), Johns Hopkins University 2018 - 2019 - Acknowledges a faculty member who demonstrates extraordinary support, mentorship, and education to students outside the classroom.
  • Teaching Innovation Award (Grant), Johns Hopkins University 2018 - 2019
  • Carey Service and Mentorship Award Nominee 2018 - 2019 - Designated for a faculty member with exceptional investment in students' professional growth.
  • Top Paper Award, Southern States Communication Association Conference; Austin, TX. 2017 Chicotsky, B. & Qiao, F. (2018). Laughing and yelling through yaks: a content analysis of Yik Yak, exploring humor topics, types, styles and user motives in the anonymous social media environment.
  • Inspiring Alumni Nominee, New York University 2012 Dep. of Tech. Management and Innovation [Formerly "NYU-Poly" prior to Tandon School (NYU)].
  • Recognized for a marketing campaign with 1.1 million organic views and international coverage. MEDIA .
International Experience
  • American Israel Public Affairs Committee (2008 - 2010), which involved engaging the United States Congress (lobbying) for military aid for U.S. allies abroad.
  • Along with Congressional engagements and fundraising, Dr. Chicotsky participated in numerous informational trips with to the Middle East.
  • During his master's pursuits at NYU, Dr. Chicotsky fulfilled an externship in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • During his professional career, Dr. Chicotsky garnered critical insight to inform his academic endeavors. For example, he served as a Chief Marketing Officer of an early-stage venture (began serving in 2013), Simply International, which developed significant branding assets and remains in operation.
  • Most recently, Dr. Chicotsky provided strategic leadership for a hedge fund-contracted think tank, Worksheet Capital, which invested in distributed ledger technology.
  • Dr. Chicotsky has also invested significant time in global business dealings and travels that span 13 countries.
  • Furthermore, Dr. Chicotsky's academic pursuits expose him to numerous industry practitioners.
  • The culmination of Dr. Chicotsky's academic and professional journey has taught him the value of service, collegiality, and flexibility.
  • Marketing Advisor, NovuGens, 2019 - Present - Provide strategic branding and positional insight to acquire international enterprise clients.
  • Growth Strategy Consultant, Packback, 2017 - Present - Provide business development strategy to founders and work directly with the development team.
Hobbies / Interests
  • Dr. Chicotsky's recreation includes occasional visits to Austin, Texas to play percussion in his enduring swing jazz ensemble (founded in 2013), Chico Chico.
  • Dr. Chicotsky is a native of Fort Worth, Texas where he enjoys spending time with family.
  • Dr. Chicotsky's community service in his hometown, "Cowtown," honors a century-old family tradition; his great grandfather Morris J. Chicotsky arrived to Fort Worth in 1913 and immediately began volunteering.
  • Dr. Chicotsky and his family run the local charitable fund, The Jobe and Helen Richards Foundation, which gives to area food banks, faith-based volunteer communities, elderly care, veteran support programs, and other impacting causes.