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Position:Associate Professor of StrategyDepartment:Management and Leadership DepartmentOffice:Neeley 3310Professorship / Chair:Robert and Edith Schumacher Junior Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship and InnovationRole:FacultyEducation
  • Ph.D., Strategic Management and Organization Theory, Indiana University
  • B.S., Finance and Public Policy Analysis, Indiana University
Areas of Expertise / Research
  • Boards of directors
  • Top Managers
  • Stakeholder management
Courses Taught
  • Undergraduate: Strategic Management
  • Graduate: Strategy Implementation, Corporate Governance
Key Publications
  • Priem, R., Krause, R., McFadyen, A., and Tantalo, C. Promoting long-term shareholder value by “competing” for essential stakeholders: A new, multi-sided platform logic for top managers. Academy of Management Perspectives. Forthcoming.
  • Krause, R., Li, W., Ma, X., and Bruton, G. The board chair effect across countries: An institutional view. Strategic Management Journal. Forthcoming.
  • Semadeni, M. and Krause, R. Innovation in the Boardroom. Academy of Management Perspectives. Forthcoming.
  • Gras, D. and Krause, R. When does it pay to stand out as stand-up? Competitive contingencies in the CSP-CFP relationship. Strategic Organization. Forthcoming.
  • Parker, O., Krause, R., and Devers, C. 2019. How firm reputation influences managerial discretion: An integrated theoretical perspective. Academy of Management Review, 44(2): 254-278.
  • Krause, R., Wu, Z., Bruton, G., and Carter, S. 2019. The coercive isomorphism ripple effect: An investigation of nonprofit interlocks on corporate boards. Academy of Management Journal, 62(1): 283-308.
  • Bommaraju, R., Ahearne, M., Krause, R., and Tirunillai, S. 2019. Does a customer on the board of directors affect business-to-business firm performance? Journal of Marketing, 83(1): 8-23
  • Whitler, K., Krause, R., and Lehmann, D. 2018. When and how board members with marketing experience facilitate firm growth. Journal of Marketing, 82(5): 86-105.
  • Li, W., Krause, R., Qin, X., Zhang, J., Zhu, H., Lin, S., and Xu, Y. Under the microscope: An experimental look at board transparency and director monitoring behavior. Strategic Management Journal, 39(4): 1216-1236.
  • Oliver, A., Krause, R., Busenbark, J., and Kalm, M. 2018. BS in the boardroom: Benevolent sexism and board chair orientations. Strategic Management Journal, 39(1): 113-130.
  • Krause, R., Withers, M., and Semadeni, M. 2017. Compromise on the board: Investigating the antecedents and consequences of lead independent director appointment. Academy of Management Journal, 60(6): 2239-2265.
  • Parker, O., Krause, R., and Covin, J. 2017. Ready, set, slow: How aspiration-relative product quality impacts the rate of new product introduction. Journal of Management, 43(7): 2333-2356.
  • Krause, R. Being the CEO’s boss: An examination of board chair orientations. Strategic Management Journal, 38(3): 697-713..
  • Krause, R., Filatotchev, I., and Bruton, G. 2016. When in Rome, look like Caesar? Investigating the link between demand-side cultural power distance and CEO power. Academy of Management Journal, 59(4): 1361-1384.
  • Krause, R., Semadeni, M., and Withers, M. 2016. That special someone: When the board views its chair as a resource. Strategic Management Journal, 37(9): 1990-2002.
  • Roh, J., Krause, R., and Swink, M. 2016. The Appointment of Chief Supply Chain Officers to Top Management Teams: A Contingency Model of Firm-Level Antecedents and Consequences. Journal of Operations Management, 44: 48-61.
  • Busenbark, J. R., Krause, R., Boivie, S., Graffin, S. D. 2016. Toward a configurational perspective on the CEO: A review and synthesis of the management literature. Journal of Management, 42(1): 234-268.
  • Krause, R., Priem, R., and Love, L. 2015. Who’s in charge, here? Co-CEOs, power gaps, and firm performance. Strategic Management Journal, 36(13): 2099-2110.
  • Krause, R. and Semadeni, M. 2014. Last dance or second chance? Firm performance, CEO career horizon, and the separation of board leadership roles. Strategic Management Journal, 35(6): 808-825.
  • Krause, R., Whitler, K., and Semadeni, M. 2014. Power to the principals! An experimental look at shareholder say-on-pay voting. Academy of Management Journal, 57(1): 94-115.
  • Krause, R. and Bruton, G. 2014. Agency and monitoring clarity on venture boards of directors. Academy of Management Review, 39(1): 111-114.
  • Krause, R., Semadeni, M., and Cannella, A. 2014. CEO duality: A review and research agenda. Journal of Management, 40(1): 252-282.
  • Krause, R., Semadeni, M., and Cannella, A. 2013. External COO/presidents as expert directors: A new look at the service role of boards. Strategic Management Journal, 34(13): 1628-1641.
  • Krause, R. and Semadeni, M. 2013. Apprentice, departure, and demotion: An examination of the three types of CEO-board chair separation. Academy of Management Journal, 56(3): 805-826.
Awards / Recognition
  • Editorial Board Member:
  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Organization Science
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Organizational Research Methods
  • Representative-at-Large:
  • Strategic Leadership and Governance Interest Group, Strategic Management Society
  • 2016 Ascendant Scholar, Western Academy of Management
International Experience
  • Visiting Professor, LUISS Business School, Rome, Italy
Hobbies / Interests
  • Philosophy
  • Literature
  • Music