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Position:Associate Professor of Supply Chain PracticeDepartment:Information Systems and Supply Chain MgmtOffice:Neeley 3245Role:FacultyEducation
  • Ph.D., Business Statistics, University of Texas at Arlington
  • M.S., Operations Research, Southern Methodist University
Areas of Expertise / Research
  • Applied Learning
  • Analysis of Teaching Methods
  • Business Statistical Models
  • Distribution and Inventory Management
Work Experience
  • 15 years in Marketing and Consulting & Services at International Business Machines Corporation.
Courses Taught
  • Undergraduate Supply Chain Concepts
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Project Management
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Operations Managment
  • MBA and EMBA Business Statistical Analysis and Decision Making
Key Publications
  • Weltman, David, "Using Monte Carlo Simulation with Oracle© Crystal Ball to Teach Business Students Sampling Distribution Concepts." Business Education Innovation Journal, 7, 2 (2015) 59-63.
  • Weltman, David, and Morgan Swink. "Numerous Sigma Level Tables Need Correction: Commonly Used Tables Ignore Permitted “Left-Side” Defects." INFORMS Transactions on Education 16.1 (2015): 1-5.
  • Weltman, David, and Mark Eakin. "Incorporating unusual fonts and planned mistakes in study materials to increase business student focus and retention." INFORMS Transactions on Education 15.1 (2014): 156-165.
  • Weltman, David, and Edmund Prater. "“Wait Just a Minute Professor We Have an Unstable Inventory System!” Experiences and Recommendations for Teaching Reorder Point Analysis with the Basic EOQ Model." Operations Management Education Review 6 (2012).
  • Weltman, D.W., and Whiteside, M., Comparing the Effectiveness of Traditional and Active Learning Methods in Business Statistics: Convergence to the Mean, Journal of Statistics Education, 2010, 18(1).
  • Casper, W.J., Weltman, D.W., and Kwesiga, E., Beyond Family Friendly: The construct and measurement of singles-friendly work cultures, Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2007, 70(3).
International Experience
  • Asia Executive MBA Programs in; Beijing, Shanghi, Taipei, and Shenzhen
Hobbies / Interests
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Hiking