Information Systems and Supply and Value Chain Management | Careers

Supply Chain Management Careers

  • Buyer
    Carries out the buying activities for a commodity or service for a company, government agency, or organization. Responsible for identifying sources of materials, evaluating suppliers, arranging contracts, and managing relationships. Coordinates with materials management and manufacturing to ensure timely delivery of the proper materials.
  • Consultant
    A consultant is an experienced individual that is trained to analyze and advise a client in order to help the client make the best possible choices. Supply chain management consultants work with companies to efficiently align its supply chain and maximize profits.
  • Logistics, Supply Chain, or Purchasing Analyst
    Uses analytical and quantitative methods to understand, predict, and enhance supply chain processes. Responsible for assembling data, analyzing performance, identifying problems, and developing recommendations which support the management of the supply chain.
  • Logistics Services Sales Person
    Sells transportation, warehousing, and specialized services to other companies. Develops business relationships with potential and existing customers. Identifies potential contract logistics services that would benefit client companies. Integrates logistics systems, computer systems, and capacity to satisfy customer needs.
  • Transportation Manager
    Directs the effectiveness of private, third party and contract carriage systems. Manages operations to assure timely and cost efficient transportation of all incoming and outgoing shipments. Plans and assures adequate equipment for storage, loading, and delivery of goods. Responsible for scheduling, routing, budget administration, freight bill presentation, and contract negotiations.
  • Warehouse Operations Supervisor
    Directs the efficient and cost-effective operation of commercial or industrial distribution centers or warehousing facilities. Manages inbound activities related to the receipt and storage of goods, inventory management, and claims. Oversees outbound activities related to order-filling, stock replenishment, and shipping. Responsible for budgeting, customer service, facility and equipment operation.
  • Inventory Planner
    Develops plans to optimize inventory cost and customer service goals at the plant, distribution center, and/or retail levels. Responsible for forecasting needs, analyzing movement patterns, product deployment, performance reporting, and resolving accuracy discrepancies.
  • Materials Manager
    Manages raw materials and/or components inventory needed for manufacturing. Responsible for inbound inventory levels. Coordinates with purchasing, manufacturing, and suppliers to ensure reliable, cost efficient delivery of the raw materials.
  • Logistics Software Manager
    Manages components of distribution technology including warehouse operations systems, electronic communication and order taking systems, and support systems. Designs analytical tools to increase and measure productivity. Develops decision support systems to analyze and optimize logistics and transportation systems. Also requires information systems background.