Educational Investment Fund | How to Apply

Class Commitment

  • Fall and Spring classes are scheduled to meet 2:00-4:00 p.m., Tuesday and Thursdays.
  • Summer class meets from 6p.m – 9:50 p.m. Tuesdays (the summer class meets every Tuesday during June and July)
  • Students must commit to two consecutive semesters: Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall or Fall/Spring.


  • Admission to the EIF is highly competitive and based on applications and interviews.
  • TCU undergraduates apply in their junior year. 
  • TCU MBAs apply during their first year. 


  • TCU juniors or first-year TCU MBA currently enrolled in the TCU Neeley School of Business.
  • Successful completion of FINA 30213 Investments I. (Applicants may apply while enrolled in the class but must successfully complete the class before taking part in the TCU EIF.)
  • A two-semester commitment, Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall or Fall/Spring.
  • Commitment to your colleagues in the TCU EIF and the beneficiaries of the fund.


The EIF is a student-managed fund of approximately $1.6 million. Students have total responsibility for the proper and ethical management of the portfolio.

Applications and Interviews

The application and selection process occurs twice a year, early fall and early spring.

Fill out and submit the application (link below).

A résumé and TCU unofficial transcript must be submitted with the application.

Applicants selected for interviews will be notified. Interviews will cover questions in finance, accounting and economics.

EIF Application for 2020 – 2021