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Program Design

The Health Care MBA allows you to combine the integrated, broad business perspective of an MBA with industry specific practices and tools pertinent to the health care industry.

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Specialized Health Care Focus

You'll gain in-depth knowledge of the current business issues and practices unique to the health care industry, and strategies for managing the risks and opportunities in the dynamic and growing field.


MANA 72410 Health Care in the U.S.   INSC 72470 Healthcare Improvement Science
MANA 72420 U.S. Health Policy   MARK 70710 Design Thinking
BUSI 72460 Healthcare Markets   MANA 72453 Healthcare Integrative Project


Time Commitment

Evening format: Classes typically meet two nights a week, usually 6:30-9:10 p.m.

Program Length: Graduate in 24 months

Admission: Students are admitted for a Summer Semester (July) start

You can adjust the length of time needed to complete the program by how you schedule your elective courses. You consistently take six semester hours each fall, spring and summer semesters. Or you can choose to complete the program in less time by adding electives in the Winter and Spring Intersession semesters, or by taking electives during a regular semester.

Health Care Course Descriptions

MANA 72410 – Health Care in the U.S.
This course introduces the intricacies of the health industry that represents 17% of US GDP and growing. Rather than an in‐depth study of one particular segment, the topics are selected to give the student a general overview of multiple parts of the industry to include providers, payers, historical developments and efforts to reform the system, quality care, and the Accountable Care Act. (Note: this course will only focus on the US system, and will not focus on global health issues.)

MANA 72420 – U.S. Health Policy
This course will explore both the content and process of health care policy. In addition to addressing specific legislation and regulation that governs health care policy, the course will illuminate the dynamics, processes, and players that shape and influence these policies; the processes by which federal health care policy decisions are made; the individuals who make those decisions; and the stakeholders who influence and are influenced by health care policy outcomes.

MANA 72453 – Healthcare Integrative Project
This course requires students to integrate, apply, and expand the concepts and tools learned throughout the Healthcare MBA curriculum. The integrative project focuses on a specific idea, problem or research opportunity within a healthcare sector. Through project design, execution and completion, students integrate and apply their cumulative learning while developing project management skills. Students must complete this course to earn the Healthcare MBA. Substitutions are not permitted.

BUSI 72460- Healthcare Markets
This course explores the unique features and characteristics of healthcare markets, whether and how the economics of healthcare markets diverges from traditional economic theory, and the specific challenges and opportunities thus presented. Reimbursement and revenue cycle models in various healthcare sectors are discussed, with specific consideration of the implications of the revenue model on strategy, operations, and management.

INSC 72470 – Healthcare Improvement Science
This course introduces the frameworks, strategies, and practical techniques to prepare healthcare leaders to implement the principles, tools, measurement techniques and cultural elements necessary to lead healthcare quality, outcomes and safety improvements initiatives.

MARK 70710 – Design Thinking
Design thinking is a method of applying creativity to come up with novel solutions to tough problems. It's the process of immersing yourself in a problem space, thinking creatively around pain points and opportunity areas, then iteratively prototyping totally new solutions. Focused on listening, user empathy, whole-brain thinking, collaboration, and experimentation, design thinking can be applied within any team and in any field – from architecture and design to healthcare and product development. This intensive course delves into the fundamentals of this creative approach by immersing students in dynamic discussions, relevant readings, and team exercises. Throughout the course students learns how to empathize with needs and motivations of the end users, come up with a large number of ideas for solving a problem, hone in on the right value proposition, and start to prototype a new offering.

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