MBA/Ed.D. Degree | Associated Requirements

Ed.D. Qualifying Process 
As the first step in the qualifying process for candidacy, students will complete EDAD 70073 Capstone Doctoral Seminar. The Capstone Doctoral Seminar is a culminating course aimed at ensuring students are fully prepared to begin the capstone project, and are able to demonstrate a range of knowledge and abilities, including framing a capstone project, undertaking an appropriate literature review, making a decision regarding design, and implementing the project and being prepared to complete the qualifying process.

The second stage of the process is a submission of a written proposal for a capstone project to the doctoral advisory committee. Once the doctoral committee accepts the written proposal, students will schedule an oral presentation and defense of the proposal to the doctoral advisory committee.

As the third part of the qualifying process, students will present written and/or oral demonstration that they have attained competence in the following domains of leadership performance:

  • Strategic planning in education;
  • Finance and resource allocation/budgeting in education;
  • Competence in political systems at all levels in education;
  • Program evaluation;
  • Project management;
  • Use of data/research in education;
  • Professional communication, written and oral; and
  • Entrepreneurship in education, including grant and proposal writing.

Upon successful completion of the qualifying process, students are admitted to candidacy.

Capstone Project
Students will complete at least nine hours of EDAD 90770 Capstone Project. Students may enroll in additional hours as necessary.

Additional MBA Requirement
Another required offering that will put you on the path to success: the MBA START Workshop.

The START (Skill, Teamwork and Resource Training) Workshop is designed to introduce you to the interactive, team-oriented learning environment at TCU. It's usually held in the first few weeks of August before the beginning of the fall semester.