Degree Components

The Neeley BBA degree is composed of four blocks of coursework.

TCU Core Curriculum Requirements (TCU CC)

TCU Core Classes are required for all undergraduate degrees, they are designed to:

  • Give students a foundation in writing, mathematical reasoning and oral communication
  • Help students develop knowledge of the human condition through exposure to broad components of the liberal arts, this includes humanities, fine arts, natural and social sciences
  • Help students cultivate broader skills and awareness of the historical, cultural, and religious heritage and literary traditions

Lower-Division Business Core Requirements

Lower-Division Business Core Requirements must be completed by the end of the sophomore year, and before beginning Upper-Division Business Core courses (30000-level or above except MARK 30153). The Lower-Division Requirements (LDRs) are as follows:

ENGL 10803 Introductory Composition (TCU CC)
ENGL 20803 Intermediate Composition (TCU CC)
ECON 10223 Introductory Microeconomics (TCU CC)
ECON 10233 Introductory Macroeconomics (TCU CC)
MATH 10283* OR
MATH 10524
Introductory Applied Calculus (TCU CC)
Calculus 1
INSC 20153** Statistical Analysis (Business Core)
INSC 20263*** Business Information Systems (Business Core)
ACCT 20353 Fundamentals of Accounting I (Business Core)
MANA 20153 Legal Environments of Business (Business Core)
BUSI 10153 Business in Society (Business Core)
* Credit will not be awarded for both MATH 10283 and MATH 10524.
** MATH 10043 CANNOT substitute for INSC 20153
*** COSC 10203 is not a substitute for INSC 20263 and can only be used as free elective credit toward a BBA degree.

Upper-Division Business Core Requirements

The Upper-Division Business Core Requirements are interwoven with the major courses throughout the student's junior and senior years. Business students complete MANA 40153, Strategic Management, during one of their last 2 semesters.

INSC 30801 Business Applications in Excel (1 hr course)
INSC 30313 Supply Chain Management
MANA 30153 Organizational Management
BUSI 30153 Ethical Decision Making
MARK 30153 Marketing Management
FINA 30153 Financial Management
ACCT 40163 Fundamentals of Accounting II
(BIS, Mana, Mark, SVCM Majors only)
MANA 40153 Strategic Management - Must be taken last 2 semesters

 Business Major Course Requirements – Varies by major.

Each major has a different set of major course requirements. Click here to learn more.

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