Becoming a Business Major

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Congratulations on choosing a business degree at TCU! Admission is competitive. Be sure you are on the right track with our helpful guide.

Still in high school? Visit the TCU Admissions Site for the following information:

TCU Internal Change of Major

Admission to the Business School as a change of major is an application process that takes place each spring semester. Applications, resumes and essays may be submitted through the online application link beginning March 2021. Please email any questions you have to

To be eligible to change your major to Business you MUST:

1) Have a 3.25 GPA

2) Submit an Online Application 

Suggested Courses

Decision Notifications

Students will be notified of an admission decision by the Neeley Academic Advising Center (NAAC) at the beginning of June.

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External Transfer Student

To be considered for admission as pre-business, transfer students from a four-year university should have at least at 3.0 transfer GPA. Community college transfer applicants should have a minimum 3.25 GPA to be considered as pre-business. Transfer students admitted as pre-business must meet additional requirements to advance to upper-division courses.

Pre-Business and Admission to Major

Students in the TCU Neeley School of Business are either pre-business or a declared business major.

All students are granted admission to the University as pre-business. Students must complete additional requirements for advancement to one of the eight business majors and upper division courses.

Declaring a Business Major
A student will declare a business major once they have successfully completed all application requirements for Neeley. Once declared, students may begin upper-level coursework.

Academic Advising for Transfer Students

Once you have submitted your deposit as a TCU student after you receive your acceptance letter, you are encouraged to contact the Neeley Academic Advising Center to set up an appointment with your assigned advisor. Appointments are scheduled by calling 817-257-6772. We encourage you to attend transfer orientation.

Visit the TCU Transfer Admissions website for inquires such as:

  • How to have your TCU ID created
  • How to gain access to your my.TCU portal
  • How to sign up for a transfer orientation