Center for Supply Chain Innovation | About Us

Since 2001, the Center for Supply Chain Innovation in the TCU Neeley School of Business has built an outstanding reputation for helping TCU students and supply chain professionals meet the demand for highly trained, broad-thinking supply chain managers. The Center is the nexus that brings faculty members, students and the business community together. 


To shape the future of supply chain innovation as the premier source of talent and thought leadership.


To develop and promote innovative end-to-end supply chain practices to improve global business capabilities by integrating students with a family of faculty and business experts.

What We Do

Resources for Supply Chain Professionals
We offer several forums where business professionals, faculty members and TCU supply chain students can exchange ideas in an interactive environment to share the latest news, trends and developments in the field, including an annual conference, webinars, boot camps, speaker series, symposiums and networking events.

Student/Business Projects
Select undergraduate TCU supply chain students work with a local business throughout their senior year to gain real-world supply chain cross functional experience while resolving a business issue for the organization. Graduate TCU supply chain students participate in an integrative field project for their organizations, to bring what they learn in the classroom into their jobs.

MBA/MS Case Competition
Graduate supply chain students across the United States put their skills to the test for cash prizes in our annual case competition judged by supply chain professionals who get a first-hand look at talent for their companies.

Career Round Tables
Companies far and wide come to TCU to meet undergraduate and graduate supply chain students to find the best talent. We also host events for undergraduate students to galvanize their interest in becoming a TCU supply chain major.

TCU Neeley supply chain faculty members publish and share their innovative research to increase the power of the global supply chain.

Business Partners
Our sponsor companies help shape, recruit and hire supply chain students at TCU. They also network with other companies, take part in research and benefit from student projects. Sponsor companies also earn a seat on the Center’s advisory board to help shape the future of the supply chain curriculum and supply chain leaders. As a not-for-profit center, sponsorships are vital to our success. 

The TCU Center for Supply Chain Innovation at the Neeley School of Business builds connections between Neeley students, faculty and business partners to emphasize a real-word perspective.

A Real World Partnership
Here are photos from the most recent tour of the American Airlines Maintenance Hanger.

AA visit1 AA visit2 AA visit3
AA visit4 AA visit5 AA visit6