Neeley & Associates Consulting


For the Students

For full-time MBA student stakeholders, Neeley & Associates exists to provide select, high achieving, client-serving students the opportunity to:

  • Develop and refine business, professional and interpersonal skills,
  • Assist clients in attaining a key, short-term organizational objective,
  • Demonstrate to a client the value that they will bring to their or another organization, and
  • Provide students with the conceptual underpinnings for translating their consulting experience into career-enhancing skills.

For the Clients

Neeley & Associates recognizes that a client has many options to attain key, short-term organizational objectives. We provide highly-motivated MBA students from a leading MBA program who are committed to exceeding expectations to assist our select clients achieve their definition of success. We are supported by faculty subject matter experts and professional consultants whose goal is our success in meeting client needs.


Neeley & Associates recognizes that the quality of our consultants and our client work will impact TCU's and Neeley's relationships with other organizations and external stakeholders, and that as we apply our acquired knowledge to challenging business issues that we are in a position to enhance the status and stature of the institution.


There is more to getting an MBA than reading textbooks and taking exams. The real test is how you perform in the workplace.

That’s where Neeley & Associates Consulting comes in.

TCU MBA students work on projects that companies need but may not have the resources to tackle. We combine our professional experience and TCU MBA education to produce value-added business solutions.

Backed by professional consultants and expert Neeley faculty, we establish vital relationships with companies. For the last three years, two thirds of our clients have returned with additional projects. They also have a strong record of hiring Neeley & Associates team members for internships and full-time positions.