Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Sandra Callaghan 817-257-6483  s.callaghan@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Accounting View Bio View
Cory Callahan 817-257-4304  c.callahan@tcu.edu Computer Support Specialist View Bio View
Suzanne Carter (817) 257-7543  s.carter@tcu.edu Executive Director, EMBA View Bio View
Jessica Cates (817) 257-5572  j.cates@tcu.edu Director - Alcon Career Center View Bio View
Daniel Chen (817) 257-6288  d.chen@tcu.edu Professor View Bio View
Jeff Zeyun Chen 817-257-4896  zeyun.chen@tcu.edu Associate Professor View Bio View
Brandon Chicotsky 817-257-5139  b.chicotsky@tcu.edu Assistant Professor of Professional Practice View Bio View
Shana Clor Proell 817-257-7148  s.proell@tcu.edu Associate Professor View Bio View
Janice Brightwell Cobb (817) 257-7367  j.cobb3@tcu.edu Instructor, Accounting View Bio View
Elaine Cole (817) 257-5724  e.cole@tcu.edu PR Manager View Bio View
Michael Cole (817) 257-6796  m.s.cole@tcu.edu Associate Professor View Bio View
Sharon Contreras (817) 257-7531  s.contreras@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Nancy Conway (817) 257-7788  n.conway@tcu.edu Administrative Assistant View Bio View
Peggy Conway (817) 257-7989  p.conway@tcu.edu Director of Graduate Student and Alumni Engagement View Bio View
Annie Cowden 817-257-5134  a.cowden@tcu.edu Director View Bio View
Catherine Cox 817-257-6920  c.l.cox@tcu.edu Administrative Program Specialist View Bio View
Monnie Cozby 817-257-4028  m.cozby@tcu.edu Budget Coordinator View Bio View