Faculty & Staff Directory

Joseph Harrison

Assistant Professor of Strategy
Management and Leadership Department


  • PhD, Texas A&M University
  • BS, University of Richmond

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Social & psychological aspects of top executives
  • Corporate governance & boards of directors
  • Strategic entrepreneurship

Selected Publications

  • Harrison, J.S., Boivie, S., & Withers, M.C. Executives’ prior employment ties to interlocking directors and interfirm mobility. Forthcoming at Organization Science.
  • Malhotra, S. & Harrison, J.S. A blessing and a curse: How CEO cognitive complexity influences firm performance under varying industry conditions. Forthcoming at Strategic Management Journal.
  • Harrison, J., Thurgood, G. R., Boivie, S., & Pfarrer, M. (2020). Perception is reality: How CEOs’ observed personality influences market perceptions of firm risk and shareholder returns. Academy of Management Journal. 63(4): 1166-1195.
  • Harrison, J.S., Thurgood, G.R., Boivie, S., & Pfarrer, M. (2019). Measuring CEO personality: Developing, validating, and testing a linguistic tool. Strategic Management Journal, 40(8): 1316-1330.
  • Harrison, J.S., Boivie, S., Sharp, N.A., & Gentry, R. (2018). Saving face: How negative external attention from the media and star analysts prompts reputation maintenance by directors. Academy of Management Journal, 61(3): 1131-1157.