6 Time-Saving Tips to Help Balance Life and Business School

time saving tip alumni

No matter who you are or what you do, few things are more valuable than your time. But when you’re pursuing an MBA, time is your most precious commodity. Juggling the rigors of graduate school with, in many cases, a full-time career and family life can be a monumental task. That’s why it’s important to utilize tried-and-true time-saving methods whenever you can. And who better to share their wisdom than those who have already reached the MBA summit?

We asked TCU Neeley Executive MBA alumni what time-saving tips they had to offer to incoming EMBA students, each of whom brought their own unique perspective to conquering Father Time. Here’s what they had to say:

“Focus on progress, not perfection.”
- Justin Spooner ‘10  

“(1) Type all of your class notes, team notes and project notes – it’s easier and faster to search for concepts/info in an electronic document than in a handwritten notebook. (Plus, if your handwriting is as bad as mine, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to decipher your writing when you pull those notes out a year later. (2) Use Dropbox or other file sharing services for your team projects. (3) Use your travel time (waiting in airports, flights) to focus on your reading assignments, and always carry your readings with you for those 15-minute windows you find waiting for appointments.”
- Kim Speairs ‘14  

“Be prepared for class discussions.”
- Curtis Watson ‘12  

“Much of the work is intended to be teamwork. Work together – divide and conquer when possible. You are much better as [part of] a team than as an individual and can learn from those with experience in that topic.”
- James Fair ’15  

Thanks to Justin, Kim, Curtis and James for sharing their best time-saving tips, which are sure to prove helpful for many current and future EMBA students. Stay tuned to the TCU Neeley EMBA Blog for more advice from our alumni and faculty!

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