He Realized for the Lord’s Work, He’d Need Some Business Savvy

Ray Taylor thought he was done with school when he graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology. The new lead pastor at Trinity Harvest Church in Hurst, Texas, he was prepared for the work as a preacher, teacher, shepherd and counselor. But he soon discovered he needed a boost in a vital skill set that people rarely consider in church leadership: business administration.

Like in a business, a church has limited financial and human resources to accomplish specific goals. Church leaders are called to find wise ways to use the time, talent and treasure their congregations invest. In church, it’s called stewardship. In business, it’s called strategic leadership. 

After nearly a decade of pastoring at Trinity Harvest, Ray knew strategic leadership was the focus he needed in an MBA program, so he chose TCU. 

He wasn’t disappointed. 

The variety of strategic leadership models and examples offered in the Neeley Executive MBA program were relevant even to a nonprofit religious organization, and the pastor was able to start implementing those insights immediately. 

He also made some lifelong friends along the way. 

Ray also passes on his expertise – both what he’s learned on the job and through the Executive MBA program – as an adjunct professor at Tarrant County College and as the founder and CEO of Taylor Resource Group LLC, which provides executive coaching and customized leadership-program development.

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