Recap: Gems from Dr. Grant's Workshop

Neeley makes sure your education doesn’t stop after you graduate. At the recent “How Do I Find My Zone?” workshop for Executive MBA alumni and students, Dr. Richard “Nick” Grant, Jr. returned to talk about using psychology to improve ourselves, our coaching style and our sales approach.

In case you missed it, or didn’t take as many notes as you wished, here’s a roundup of all three recaps we wrote.


emba grant recap


How to Find Your Zone

Ever have one of those days when you felt completely in your element, solving problems, conquering to-do lists and winning on every level? It’s called being in the “zone,” and Dr. Grant says you don’t have to just wait for it to happen; you can create the perfect conditions for getting into your zone and staying there. Find your zone.

How to Be Emotionally Smart

Want to know why people overreact to things? Want to understand the truth behind the mid-life crisis? Want to break free from emotional issues you incurred in childhood? Want to become a better spouse and a better boss? Dr. Grant offered some amazing psychological revelations in part 2 of his workshop. Raise your emotional IQ.

How to Coach (and Sell) by Personality Type

We all studied the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with Dr. Grant at the In-Residence Seminar. At the workshop, Dr. Grant went deeper into using type to get the most out of performance reviews, to use those performance reviews as coaching opportunities, and to customize sales pitches for your audience. Leverage personality type.

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