WEBINAR: Experts Discuss COVID-19 and Your Business

The pandemic and accompanying shut down are affecting our communities and businesses in more ways than we can imagine, making it difficult to confidently plan a response. However, volatility has always been a rule of the economy, and there are still guiding principles that can inform our decisions.

The TCU Neeley Executive MBA program pulled together some of our expert faculty in finance, supply chain, strategy and marketing to share their insights in a virtual discussion.

The financial market
Thomas Moeller, associate professor of finance, talks about how risk has increased for every business, and discusses where companies with strong and weak balance sheets should each focus their efforts.

Supply chain challenges and opportunities
Laura Meade, professor of supply chain practice, talks about some of the massive shifts in consumer demand, companies’ ability to meet it, and how some companies are successfully leveraging and adapting to that demand.

Strategy and business models
Suzanne Carter, executive director and professor of strategy practice, talks about determining if your existing business model should be suspended, retooled or expanded – and how to prepare for a variety of possible scenarios.

Marketing and creating value
Lance Bettencourt, associate professor of marketing practice, talks us through what your brand’s marketing and actions may be saying to your employees as well as to customers and clients – and shares both successful and unsuccessful examples.

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