Making Innovation Personal: Dean Pullin's Executive MBA Course

Daniel Pullin, new dean at the TCU Neeley School of Business, saw great success as dean of the business school at the University of Oklahoma, and himself earned an MBA at Harvard. But he says there’s something special about TCU Neeley.

Neeley EMBA, 5/1/2020

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Alumni Profiles: The EMBA for an Entrepreneur

Tonya Veasey, class of 2012, started her own public relations firm, OCG+, in 2006. While she tended to run her business based on gut instincts, she wanted to gain more knowledge to inform those instincts. She visited a variety of schools offering MBA programs, but was attracted to the support system offered at TCU Neeley. That decision had a major impact on her bottom line.

Neeley EMBA, 1/2/2020

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WATCH: I Now Have the Confidence to Invest in Something New

Chris Davis has an undergrad in engineering – a far cry from finance and strategic planning expertise needed to start or manage a business. In this video, he covers the top ways the Executive MBA program gave him the skills and confidence to become an entrepreneur.

Neeley EMBA, 5/2/2019

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Alumni Panel Recap: “Things Just Start Clicking”

Every preview luncheon features a panel of alumni who offer their personal insight into the benefits, challenges and experience of the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program. Here are some of our favorite soundbites from the January 24 luncheon.


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Is Blockchain the Next Big Disruption? – Michael Sherrod’s Workshop, Part 3

We’ve talked about disruption and innovation – more specifically, how your organization can stay alive in a volatile landscape - in the first two parts of this series recapping Michael Sherrod’s workshop for Executive MBA alumni. But what’s the next big thing? Amidst the ongoing revolution brought about by the internet and the smartphone, what’s going to transform our society next?

It may be blockchain.

Neeley EMBA, 4/4/2017


He Was Laid off Mid-Program. He Graduated with a New Business.

When James “Opie” Fair started the Executive MBA program at Neeley, he was well-established with 11 years experience as area and branch manager for a modular building company, where he managed budgets across seven states. After working in this industry for more than 25 years, he was eager to gain knowledge that could benefit both his career and employer. He never expected to be laid off two months before his 12-year anniversary.

Neeley EMBA, 10/6/2016

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3 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

How was your day?

Chances are, your answer doesn’t depend on the size of your salary or the accompanying benefits package. It probably doesn’t even depend on whether or not you won the big account. It depends on your company’s values, how its people treat one another – the entire workplace atmosphere on a day-to-day basis. In other words, its culture.

Dr. Suzanne Carter, 1/28/2015

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10 Amazing Things Achieved by Neeley’s Executive MBA Class of 2014

Ask any of our alumni and they’ll tell you: Neeley’s Executive MBA program is an intense, transformative, unforgettable experience. In December, we bid farewell to the Class of 2014, but thought it fitting to jot down some of the highlights from their time as Neeley Executive MBA students.

Class of 2014, 1/1/2015

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