WATCH: Amazing confidence thanks to peer learning

Many EMBA students at TCU Neeley are surprised to find they learn even more from each other than from our globally-recognized faculty and curriculum. Hear our alumni share how the experience of cohort learning gives them very real benefits on the job – and on the job search.

Neeley EMBA, 7/10/2020

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WEBINAR: Experts Discuss COVID-19 and Your Business

The pandemic and accompanying shut down are affecting our communities and businesses in more ways than we can imagine, making it difficult to confidently plan a response. However, volatility has always been a rule of the economy, and there are still guiding principles that can inform our decisions.

Neeley EMBA, 4/17/2020


Alumni Profiles: The EMBA for High-Potential Leaders

There are all types of leaders, with all types of personalities and career goals, and the Executive MBA program offers a personalized experience to fit each of them.

Neeley EMBA, 11/5/2019

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Hear from our Coaches: "Success is working ourselves out of a job"

Leadership coaching is a crucial part of the Neeley Executive MBA program. For a recent preview luncheon, we brought together three of our coaches in a panel to share their insight into the program. 

Neeley EMBA, 10/10/2019

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Alumni Profiles: The EMBA as a Career Advancer

There are all types of leaders, with all types of personalities and career goals, and the Executive MBA program offers a personalized experience to fit each of them.


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WEBINAR: How Employers Can Benefit from Sponsoring an EMBA

Some organizations are hesitant to invest in graduate education opportunities for employees, concerned that those employees will move elsewhere after expanding their skillsets. In this Dallas Business Journal interview, we discuss how investing in an Executive MBA program can actually improve loyalty, retention and ROI. Featuring Neeley alumni Jarie Bradley and Rodney Shrader, and executive director, Dr. Suzanne Carter.

Neeley EMBA, 12/11/2018

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Alumni Answer: How does the Executive MBA program create strategic leaders?

You may think you’re just not cut out for big ideas or strategic thinking. You may think your brain just isn’t wired that way. But the Executive MBA program is designed to help you discover and develop those talents – in yourself and in your team. Take it from these alumni. 

Neeley EMBA, 8/30/2018

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How to Find the Creativity to Fuel Your Business

“How many of you are amazingly, astonishingly, spectacularly creative?” asked Ray Smilor, Professor of Professional Practice, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, at the June 6 Preview Luncheon.

Neeley EMBA, 7/2/2018

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Alumni Panel Recap: “I Feel Like a Better Father, Husband and Worker”

Every preview luncheon features a panel of alumni who offer their personal insight into the benefits, challenges and experience of the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program. Here are some of our favorite soundbites from the May 3 luncheon.


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7 Steps to Leading Change in Your Organization

We’ve all heard it: if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. But how do you take the risks necessary to innovate, without going under?

In a follow-up to her Preview Luncheon presentation comparing Apple and JC Penney, Dr. Suzanne Carter provides some extra insight into leading strategic change. Here are her seven steps.

Neeley EMBA, 11/30/2017

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Can Leadership Be Taught? Here's How Neeley Does It

Leadership development is a core component of the Neeley Executive MBA program – but can you really learn leadership? Isn’t it just something you are either good at or not?

Dr. Linda LaCoste, Director of EMBA Student Services and Operations and faculty for the personal leadership development process at Neeley, explains: “Leadership development isn’t a course in the program: It’s baked into every course.” As a student, you become the facilitator, while Neeley provides content and experiences that let you hone your skills.

Neeley EMBA, 7/6/2017

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Understanding Economics in a “Fake News” World

“Do the facts matter?”  That’s how O. Homer Erekson opened his talk at the Executive MBA Preview Luncheon at Las Colinas Country Club early this month. In a world of “fake news,” where the narrative is sometimes at odds with the facts, it’s a particularly relevant question.

Neeley EMBA, 5/18/2017

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Alumni Panel Recap: “My employees told me ‘You’re different.’”

Every preview luncheon features a panel of alumni who offer their personal insight into the benefits, challenges and experience of the Neeley Executive MBA program. Here are some of our favorite soundbites from the April 6 luncheon.

Neeley EMBA, 5/8/2017

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Innovation Strategies that Succeed: Michael Sherrod’s Workshop, Part 2

In the first part of this series covering Michael Sherrod’s Executive MBA workshop about disruption and innovation, we covered several different methods for fostering innovation that don’t always – or even usually – work.

Next, Sherrod went on to share his insight on what does work: both the changes you should implement in your organization and the mindset you should adopt to encourage new ideas.

Neeley EMBA, 3/21/2017

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Leading Change: Dr. Carter Tells A Tale of Two Tickers

Have you ever tried a sure-fire strategy – one you knew from experience would work – and then watched it blow up in your face?

That’s what a group of TCU Executive MBA alumni and prospective students discussed a couple of weeks ago at the Preview Luncheon at the City Club of Fort Worth. Dr. Suzanne Carter, professor of strategy, stood in front of the giant window overlooking a rainy downtown and presented us with two logos: Apple and J.C. Penney.

Neeley EMBA, 12/2/2016


The Executive's Summer Reading List: Neeley EMBA Edition

A great leader never stops learning – and there are few more efficient ways to learn than by cracking open a good book. We recently took to Facebook to ask the Executive MBA family for a peek at their summer reading lists. From current students to alumni to faculty, here’s what we found.

Neeley EMBA, 7/27/2016

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She's Revolutionizing Police Training with Her MBA

Most people don’t think of law enforcement when they think of a business degree, but one sergeant in the Fort Worth Police Department is making waves with the skills and knowledge she gained in the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program.

Neeley EMBA, 7/9/2016

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He Realized for the Lord’s Work, He’d Need Some Business Savvy.

Ray Taylor thought he was done with school when he graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology. The new lead pastor at Trinity Harvest Church in Hurst, Texas, he was prepared for the work as a preacher, teacher, shepherd and counselor. But he soon discovered he needed a boost in a vital skill set that people rarely consider in church leadership: business administration.

Neeley EMBA, 6/28/2016

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How to Be Emotionally Smart: Gems from Dr. Grant’s Workshop Part 2

Neeley makes sure your education doesn’t stop after you graduate. At the recent “How Do I Find My Zone?” workshop, we focused on improving ourselves.

Neeley EMBA, 6/22/2016

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Neeley Executive MBA Program Puts Latest Korn/Ferry Research to Use

Along with our recent ranking by The Economist as number 12 in the world, there’s something else drawing global attention to the Executive MBA program at Neeley.

The TCU Neeley School of Business is now one of only 13 business schools in the world to partner with Korn/Ferry International. Neeley is using the organization’s leadership development and talent management expertise to take our Executive MBA program to the next level.

Neeley EMBA, 4/20/2016

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4 Quick Lessons for How to Think Like an Executive

What separates a great executive from an average manager is the ability to learn to do things differently and more effectively.

Dr. Suzanne Carter, 7/1/2015


3 Steps to the Best Strategy Session You’ve Ever Had

We’ve all been in that strategy session that seems to be going nowhere. Bursts of creative ideas get shot down by monetary realities, then descend into awkward silences, and after hours of brainstorming, you leave uncertain of what your next steps should be.

Dr. Suzanne Carter, 3/8/2015

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Leading Under Pressure: 4 Roadblocks You Must Avoid

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re in a pressure cooker and the top is about to blow? As leaders, when we’re faced with these stressful situations, we can’t just stick our heads in the sand. Here are four roadblocks that often get in a leader’s way and tricks to outmaneuver them.

Dr. Suzanne Carter, 2/5/2015


3 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

How was your day?

Chances are, your answer doesn’t depend on the size of your salary or the accompanying benefits package. It probably doesn’t even depend on whether or not you won the big account. It depends on your company’s values, how its people treat one another – the entire workplace atmosphere on a day-to-day basis. In other words, its culture.

Dr. Suzanne Carter, 1/28/2015

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3 Ways to Turn Strategy into Reality

Your organization is like a machine, with many moving parts hopefully working toward a single goal. You have to understand each component if you want to keep the machine running smoothly.

Dr. Suzanne Carter, 1/5/2015

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