Neeley & Associates | Program Benefits

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Benefits to Organizations

  • Outsource time-consuming projects to motivated TCU MBA students who provide realistic, actionable and professional recommendations
  • Get a first-hand look at prospective employees in action
  • Receive the added bonus of subject-matter expertise from renowned faculty and expert consulting professionals who support Neeley & Associates teams
  • Build a valuable relationship with a top-ranked MBA program

Benefits to TCU MBAs

  • Contribute real value to an organization for an impressive boost to your résumé
  • Interact with influential executives in your area of interest
  • Team with executives, expert consulting professionals and top Neeley faculty for guidance and feedback about your project
  • Further develop your leadership, teamwork, consulting and project management skills 


MBA Take-Aways

Bryen Rachel

“The thing I remember most about my N&A project was the level of collaboration that my team and I achieved. Even under the pressures of project ambiguity and last minute requests, my team and I were able to learn a lot from each other and capitalize on our individual strengths to deliver a quality product to our clients. Learning to work with a new team was my biggest takeaway.”

-Rachel Bryen, Class of 2015 | N&A Client: Oncor

Chen Chris

“N&A provided me with my first real project in the U.S. Now, I am more familiar with how to work, communicate, and cooperate in the western world.”

-Chris Chen, Class of 2015 | N&A Client: General Motors Financial

Heinl James

“Neeley & Associates is essentially a full-time job and paid tuition. It provided me a foot in the door, which I leveraged into an internship and ended up with a full-time role at Bell Helicopter. I had immediate access to the executive leadership team and now collaborate with multiple execs on a weekly basis.”

-James Heinl, Class of 2015 | N&A Client: Bell Helicopter

Mabry Andrew “With Neeley & Associates I got an experience I didn't think I would ever get: the opportunity to present in front of the CEO of Bell Helicopter. Advising the Director of Strategy and the CEO on how to enter a new market was an incredibly beneficial and educational experience.”

-Andy Mabry, Class of 2015 | N&A Client: Bell Helicopter