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The LKCM Center for Financial Studies supports TCU undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing finance careers. We provide scholarships and access to Bloomberg Professional® services and Wharton Research Data Services.

Undergrads can choose from two majors and a minor, while graduates can choose to study Corporate Finance or Investments. You also benefit from special programs and student organizations to enhance your finance expertise.


Chartered Financial Analyst

The CFA® designation is the most prestigious set of credentials in the global investment management industry. Like lawyers taking the bar or accountants taking the CPA exam, financiers who want to rise to the highest levels focus on the CFA exams. As a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute University Affiliation Program, the Neeley School of Business Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance program and the Masters of Business Administration program are recognized for their coverage of the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) of the CFA Program.* Neeley offers specialized CFA® Exam Track courses of study in the BBA and MBA programs designed to teach learning objectives included in the CFA Institute study curriculum. Well over 100 Neeley graduates have earned their CFA charters and have gone on to highly successful careers in investment management across the globe.

* CFA Institute is the administrator of the CFA Program and is the grantor of the CFA designation.

Transaction and Investment Professionals (TIP) Board Program

It’s all about the hire. The average annual job placement from TCU finance majors has tripled since the founding of the TIP program in 2014. Successful TCU alumni in the field prepare and mentor select finance students with resumes, interview preparation, internships and careers.


TCU Financial Management Association

Network with executives in finance, banking and investments to further your career potential. Tour companies and hear company presentations.


Meredith Fraker Thompson Memorial Scholarship

We offer two $6,500 scholarships annually to senior TCU finance majors selected for high academic merit, strong work ethic and leadership characteristics. The scholarships include internships at Luther King Capital Management in Fort Worth. The donors established the scholarship following the untimely death of TCU alumna Meredith Fraker Thompson to honor her memory.

LKCM Center for Financial Studies Scholars

We offer two $4,500 scholarships annually to deserving TCU finance majors based on quality of character, performance in academics, participation in extracurricular activities, volunteerism, demonstrated leadership, and potential to achieve an exemplary career in finance.

CFA® Scholarships 

We offer several scholarships to undergraduate and graduate TCU students who take the CFA® preparation classes to help pay for study materials and exam fees.


Bloomberg Professional® Services 

Bloomberg is an international organization that provides news, data and analysis to the business community, including real-time pricing, historical pricing, indicative data, analytics and electronic communications, 24 hours a day through the Bloomberg Professional® service.

Wharton Research Data Services

Wharton Research Data Services provides instant, easy access to the databases that define empirical research in the fields of accounting, banking, economics, finance, insurance, management, marketing, public policy, risk management and statistics.

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