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TCU has cancelled all summer 2020 classes on campus, which includes the TCU High School Investors Challenge. This popular program will return in summer 2021.

Luther King Capital Management Center for Financial Studies

The LKCM Center for Financial Studies at TCU Neeley provides resources, conferences and programs to enhance the academics and careers of TCU Neeley finance students, faculty and industry professionals.

The center is made possible through a generous endowment from Luther King Capital Management.

Meet the best investment minds in the world

Our annual Investment Strategies Conference® is a sell-out for professionals to hear insights from the best in the business.

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Finance professionals, alumni and students gain insights from the most brilliant minds in the business at this annual conference held at TCU and presented by the LKCM Center for Financial Studies and TCU Investment Management.

Recent keynotes include Dr. Janet L. Yellen, Chair, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2014-18), former President George W. Bush, and Peter Zeihan, author of The Accidental Superpower and The Absent Superpower

Welcome to summer camp about finance and investing

Are you in high school and want to learn more about the Bulls and Bears of Wall Street? The TCU High School Investor Challenge® is just the place for you.

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Our TCU High School Investor Challenge is designed to foster interest in the field of finance among high school rising seniors.

Selected high school students from across Texas and the country attend daily classes on the TCU campus for one week in June.

Then they each manage a virtual $100,000 portfolio for the next eight months. They return to TCU in January to present their results. 

The tools students and professors need to succeed

To make it in the high-powered, fast-moving field of finance, you need access to the right tools.

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We provide TCU Neeley finance students with the latest financial tools and data that professionals use, so they get the best experience and can hit the ground running when they begin their careers.

We award scholarships to deserving seniors, and also support the students in the students in CFA® prep classes and with a mentoring program called the TIP Board.

TCU Neeley finance professors are among the best in the country. To support their important research, we provide databases, data analysis, research seminars and summer stipends.