Leadership Course Descriptions

BUSI 30833 Foundations in Leadership

Changes in the business environment have underscored the vital role that effective leadership plays in not only helping organizations survive, but to be self-determining and prosperous as well. This course is designed to help students learn both about leadership and about how to be more effective as a leader of others.


BUSI 30843 Interpersonal Leadership Skills

A developmental approach to building skills essential for effective leadership of individuals in today's organizations. This course will focus on cultivating such skills as self-awareness, stress and time management, empowerment and delegating, communication and listening, performance coaching and counseling, motivation, feedback and discipline, and responding to conflict. Learning through discussion, active application, and experiential exercises will be emphasized.


BUSI 408330 Team Leadership Skills

A developmental approach is taken in this course to build critical skills that support effective team leadership in today's organizations. This course will focus on introducing and cultivating skills such as team building, group process facilitation, dialogue, meeting management, and conflict resolution. Learning through active application and experiential exercises will be emphasized.


BUSI 40843 The Leadership Challenge

This course will cover content associated with what it takes to successfully lead change efforts. As such, it will cover topics such as overcoming complacency, creating and communicating new direction, development support for leadership initiatives, dealing with resistance, among others. In addition, students will be given a "leadership challenge" in an assigned field placement where they will be expected to use what they've learned in leadership courses to lead a project to a successful completion. Class sessions will help students relate their field experience to topic coverage in this course as well as to other courses in the Leadership emphasis program.


BUSI 40853 Leadership in a Complex World

This course is designed to help students understand the complexity of the contexts in which leadership occurs. The course will extend learning regarding leading self, leading others and leading change (covered previously in the BNSF Neeley Leadership Program) to complex business and societal contexts. Students will gain a better understanding of: 1) the nature of complexity in business and social systems, 2) the implications of complexity for how organizations must think differently about leadership and followership (e.g., regarding organization structure, culture, power and communication), and 3) how each student personally needs to lead and follow in organizational contexts to be successful as they transition into and advance in their careers.