Leadership Starts Now

A place to be vulnerable. 
A challenge to find the real you.
An opportunity to learn with classmates and professors deeply committed to you and your development.

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A Premier Leadership Experience

Unrivaled Curriculum. With five courses starting in sophomore year and finishing in senior year, we are able to go far beyond what is offered by other leadership programs.

Fully Integrated Co-Curricular Activities. Coursework is paired with co-curricular and experiential activities that maximize the learning experience.

Personalized Learning. Personalized mentoring, assessment centers, coaching and feedback draw out the best in students.

World-Class Faculty. Our faculty are among the top leadership researchers and teachers in the world.

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Start ahead. Stay ahead.

We provide the most comprehensive undergraduate business leadership development in the world.

The BNSF Neeley Leadership Competency Model combines findings from cutting edge research with best practices in leadership development to help students get a head start on their careers.

The focus on leadership competencies helps us to ensure that students leave with the skills they need to get ahead.

By the time they graduate, not only are our students skilled communicators, they are effective team players and agile, critical thinkers prepared to make a positive difference in the workplace.


Video Case Library

While it’s easy to find cases addressing executive leaders and first-time managers, having access to teaching and learning materials that explore the unique problems of undergraduate leaders and recent grads beginning their careers can be challenging. With this video library, we provide a set of cases that we hope will serve as learning resources for undergraduate instructors and employers wanting to help develop young leaders and prepare them for a successful transition into the workplace. These cases highlight TCU grads, including Neeley Leadership Program alumni.

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Friends in learning and for life.

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We start with students who are motivated to learn. We place them with peers in a cohort of like-minded individuals. Together, they push each other to learn, grow and develop in ways they never thought possible.

What makes our cohorts different is the focus on friendship and support. For Neeley Leaders, it’s not about competition—it’s about learning. Through a focus on shared learning, our students develop bonds and connections that lead to deep and lasting friendships.