The BNSF Neeley Leadership Program offers students two unique out-of-the-classroom opportunities to further develop their leadership skills and prepare them for a successful career. Students are required to attend the two trips planned by the Neeley Leadership office. The trips are designed to open the students’ eyes to opportunities within the business world and traits within themselves.

Leadership in Chicago


During Fall Break of the students’ junior year, Neeley Leadership students travel to Chicago. While there, students see business from a global perspective while interacting with executives from Klein Tools, JPMorgan, Grosvenor Capital, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, McDonald’s, Soldier Field, and other companies. The students are also given the opportunity to interact with successful TCU alumni living in the Chicago area. This is a wonderful time to broaden the students’ horizons and to develop deeper bonds with their Neeley Leadership cohort.

Leadership in the United Kingdom


The second unique travel opportunity for Neeley Leadership students is held in the United Kingdom. During this trip, students learn about leadership from an historical perspective while visiting some of the greatest landmarks in London and current leadership through corporate site visits. The students then spend time at the acclaimed leadership institute Columba 1400. This institute offers a distinctive approach to leadership development and self-discovery, utilizing both indoor and outdoor activities. Students come away from this experience with increased independence and self-confidence and a refreshed vision for the future.