KPMG Associates Inspire Confidence in TCU Students

KPMG stopped by our PPA seminar to inspire confidence and empower change, with a focus on tax services. Ben Scheffler, a partner at the Fort Worth office, set out to change the stereotype of a tax accountant who is often thought of as working alone in a dark corner of an office with their nose in the Internal Revenue Code. Scheffler shared with the class that he has traveled, internationally and domestically, over 125,000 miles this year to clients. Client relations are an essential part to an accounting firm as there are many competitors in the field. The other associates with him shared that they work on teams of around 8 members every day, so working on a team is vital to being a successful employee.

Tax accountants are interested in an ever-changing field that is intertwined with government, politics, and society. KPMG clients seek guidance with mergers and acquisitions, how to form as an organization, international treaties, and much more. With the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), clients wanted to know right away how their business would be affected. Scheffler also wanted to share with the class how important technology is in the tax field. As he put it, “Technology drives everything we do.” From tax research to preparing returns, almost all the technical work requires databases and software.

We were lucky to have KPMG come talk to us to give insight into what an actual job in tax looks like. Students got to ask question and decide for themselves if they want to seek a career in tax services, a growing interest at TCU.


Caroline McKnight, 2019 MAc student