Neeley Takes the Lead on Inclusion in Accounting

TCU launched an official chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants and announced that the Neeley School of Business will host the association’s premier Accounting Career Awareness Program next summer. 

“This will have a positive impact on the school’s reputation as a whole,” said Ann Tasby, an instructor of accounting who is serving as faculty advisor to Neeley’s NABA chapter. “When businesses want well-rounded students that value and maximize diversity to accomplish goals, we want them to think of TCU.” 

The career awareness program (ACAP) is a one-week residency program for underrepresented high school students that promotes accounting and business opportunities. Students will network with local businesspeople while learning about accounting, finance, economics and management. More information on this summer program will be available in January.

At its 1970 inception, NABA provided support for the limited number of African American certified public accountants. The organization continues to bridge the opportunity gap for black professionals in accounting and related fields. The student chapters exist to create a bond among students and professional members across the country. 

TCU’s NABA chapter launched this fall with 20 to 30 students regularly attending programming.

Tasby listed a variety of ways student members stand to benefit from the addition of the chapter: 

  • Increased inclusion n the Neeley School of Business through identification of formal and informal barriers to entry for underrepresented students 
  • Increased awareness of leadership opportunities 
  • Customized real-time support as challenges arise 
  • A judgment-free place for students of color to belong  
  • Opportunities to collaborate directly with Neeley leadership in order to support diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives 
  • Opportunities to build meaningful relationships with accomplished professionals in the field
  • Access to scholarships 
  • Access to internships and career opportunities 

The world’s largest accounting firms, marquee global corporations, nonprofit organizations and doctoral programs directly recruit NABA student and professional members. Tasby said the TCU chapter will give Neeley faculty a direct channel to inform students about opportunities in the industry.  

“This can drive diversity of thought and exposure in the classroom to provide a richer dialogue and creative results,” she said. “It also gives faculty a place to invest in the lives of their students in a deeper way.” 

For more information on TCU’s chapter of NABA and ACAP, contact Ann Tasby.