TCU MAc Orientation

TCU MAc orientation represented the official starting point to dozens of young professionals in pursuit of completing a master's degree in accounting and becoming a CPA. We were excited to start the year as a group but also anxious for the rigorous coursework and CPA preparation ahead. The cohort contains a diverse group of students bringing together TCU alumni and other graduates from schools across the country. The wide array of backgrounds allows MAc students to continually learn from previously established relationships in addition to building new ones. Lydia Radnik spoke to the cohort during orientation about shifting perspectives to alter your course of thinking. A high degree of challenge and support can change your behavior and produce fulfilling results. Through our first week of classes, we have started to understand how the TCU MAc program will challenge us to find our purpose but provide support in order to reach our goals. Radnik also outlined four key principles to develop and sustain mental toughness: Goal Setting, Mental Rehearsal, Embrace the Struggle, and Self Control. We will support each other to utilize and improve our mental toughness for success throughout the course of the year and into our careers. We challenge you to do the same.

MAc Panelists


Andrew Gallehugh and Sarah Mirabassi