DFW Best MBA Programs

Welcome to TCU’s Neeley School of Business! 

We are proud to offer one of DFW’s best MBA accounting programs that continues to be nationally recognized. With rigorous curriculum, excellent faculty-to-student ratios and exceptional job placement rates, we hope that you find everything you’re looking for - and more - with our DFW masters of accounting programs.  

Tips for Finding the Best Masters of Accounting Programs in DFW

As you entertain TCU Neeley and other schools for their masters of taxation programs in DFW, ask the following questions.

  • What are the average class sizes at your institution? TCU Neeley focuses on small classes of 25-35 students that promote group work and peer motivation.
  • What experience does the faculty have? Our professors are nationally recognized for their teaching and research.
  • What technical skills are taught? As DFW best MBA accounting programs, TCU Neeley teaches students skills critical for a profession in Accounting, but we also focus on communication skills, critical thinking and professional development.
  • How do students score on the CPA exam? TCU students consistently perform well on the CPA exam - in the top five schools in Texas.
  • What is your job placement rate? When TCU students graduate from our DFW best accounting program, they typically have already accepted full-time placement in the industry. We consistently achieve a 98 percent job placement rate.
  • What connections do you have? The TCU network is second to none. Our DFW masters of taxation programs have such high job placement rates because of our connections that include over 15,000 alumni and local DFW firms.
  • What will the program cost? Please navigate to the Tuition and Financing Section of the website for information on program cost and funding opportunities.

Our Door is Always Open!

Nothing is more important to the MAc program at TCU than delivering the highest quality DFW masters of accounting program. Our door is always open, and we are happy to help you make an informed decision regarding your educational goals. Call, email or stop in to visit us and get a better feel for our DFW best MBA accounting programs and how they can advance your career.