Fort Worth Top Masters of Accounting

Students looking to advance their careers in accounting deserve the very best programs. As one of the top Accounting schools in Fort Worth, TCU Neeley is proud to offer a quality education that not only teaches students the technical skills applicable to their profession, bust also focuses on further developing critical thinking, communication and professional development. Our students graduate from our program confident and committed.

Why Pursue a Masters with TCU Neeley?

TCU Neeley students are one of a kind. They consistently test in the top five schools in Texas and land remarkable job opportunities immediately after graduation. Our close proximity to hiring firms certainly helps, but having a masters degree from TCU is like wearing a badge of honor.

Below are a few highlights to pursuing a Masters of Accounting degree in Fort Worth TX at TCU Neeley.

  • Nationally recognized curriculum and faculty
  • TCU’s Fort Worth MAc degree program is #12 in the nation
  • Outstanding faculty-to-student ratios
  • Small class sizes of 25-35 students
  • 98% job placement rate
  • Lucrative networking opportunities, including 15,000 alumni
  • Close proximity to DFW firms
  • All applicants considered for merit-based financial aid
  • Clean, comfortable and spacious learning facilities

Signs it’s Time to Start a MAc Degree in Fort Worth TX

A masters degree program is an investment both timewise and financially. Fortunately, a Masters of Accounting degree from TCU in Fort Worth TX is a lifelong investment that will continue to reward you.

Let’s look at some of the signs that it’s time to pursue a Fort Worth Masters of Accounting degree.

  • CAP eligibility is critical for career advancement.
  • You’re missing out on advanced level opportunities.
  • You’re stuck with entry-level positions
  • Your earnings potential has come to a standstill
  • You’re eager to further develop leadership and communication skills are rusty