Best Resources to Use Throughout Your MBA Application Process


Whether you’re currently studying for the GMAT, getting ready to submit your applications or preparing for interviews, there are several resources that will help you at whichever point you’re at in your MBA application journey. Bookmark this article to keep these useful resources at your fingertips.

Top Resources for MBA Applicants 

1. TCU Neeley MBA

If TCU Neeley MBA is one of the schools you’re applying to, you’ll find we offer plenty of resources to help you in every stage of the application process. Applicants to our MBA program have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Meetings with the admissions team. Members of our admissions team are available to help with whatever you need throughout the entire application process. TCU Neeley MBA is a supportive, family-like community, and you’ll get to experience this support firsthand as an applicant! 
  • Networking sessions. Applicants have the opportunity to network with our faculty and other staff members, as well as alumni and current students to learn more about the program and our amazing network.
  • Webinars to discuss TCU’s program. We provide applicants with opportunities to attend webinars to learn more about our program and get their questions answered.
  • GMAT prep classes. We want to help you succeed as much as we can, which is why we offer applicants convenient prep classes to make studying more manageable and less stressful. 

Check out our events page to get details about these and other types of upcoming events.

2. Online Content Hubs and Other Resources

There’s a wealth of resources available online that have useful tips and information to help you get through the MBA application process. However, we realize that having access to a seemingly endless amount of information can be overwhelming. Plus, unfortunately, not everything online is accurate or current. 

Start off with the following reputable online content hubs and resource websites when looking for information related to applying to an MBA program.

  • Poets & Quants. Poets & Quants has an endless number of articles and blogs with updated information on everything from GMAT prep advice to application assistance, ratings information and much more.
  • TopMBA. Not only does TopMBA provide helpful application resources, but it also helps to connect applicants and current MBA students online. Networking is a key to success, so this is a highly beneficial aspect of this site. 
  • Brought to you by GMAC, provides applicants with endless resources for exam prep, school searches, events, application assistance and more.

3. Consulting Services 

Hiring a professional coach is another option to consider, depending on your goals and what you need specific assistance with. Consulting services firms have coaches who can help MBA applicants with numerous areas, including identifying the right business schools/programs to apply to and assisting with the entire application process.

Below are three consulting services firms to look into. In addition to offering consulting services, you’ll also find plenty of useful information on their websites.

  • mbaMission. mbaMission provides consulting services, free guides, blog articles and other resources for MBA applicants. 
  • Accepted. Accepted provides consulting and other services for MBA applicants. Even if you aren’t looking to use their services, we highly recommend subscribing to their podcast, “Admissions StraightTalk,” for valuable nuggets!
  • Veritas Prep. Veritas Prep offers both GMAT and MBA admissions consulting services and other helpful tools.

We know it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the MBA application process, but when you utilize some of the amazing resources above, you’ll feel more organized, confident and equipped to successfully complete the process. If you want to learn more about TCU Neeley MBA programs and the resources available to applicants, feel free to reach out to us today!

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