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Brian Williams, Energy MBA Alum

On why TCU’s team approach to learning stands out

After serving as a Navy pilot for nine years, Brian Williams transitioned into the oil and gas industry with Chesapeake Energy. Now he manages well sites in central Texas from drilling to completion phases. He coordinates logistics, works with engineers to design fracturing and manages suppliers. His experience at TCU has given him the jump-start needed to master his new field from every angle.

A balancing act

After the Naval Academy and a military career, and now with a young family, Brian learned to make grad school a priority. “You have to figure out when and where to study and how to prepare yourself for the next project. But TCU recognizes that we are working professionals. The professors try to give us as much knowledge as they can during class time, so that we can limit our schoolwork outside of class.”

Cracking the industry from an energy hub

Fort Worth sits atop the Barnett Shale, one of the nation’s largest natural gas resources. Fort Worth’s status as an energy hub and TCU’s Energy Institute research make TCU an ideal location. “The more executives that I spoke with, the more I realized that I needed to stay concentrated in the Fort Worth area. Knowing that TCU focuses on energy, operates the Shale Core Facility and is a big part of the energy sector, this program was a perfect fit for me.”

Thinking differently

When Brian and his classmates devised a national energy policy for a class project, they combined their experiences in solar, wind and electric industries. They negotiated, collaborated and made concessions in balancing all sides of the equation. “It would have been easy for me to suggest that oil and natural gas are big for the future of our country and that everything should be centered around domestic oil and gas. But you have to understand that people have other viewpoints, know that they bring a certain quality to the group and communicate that you value their input. You have to be able to open up, accept their views and put it all together to find an answer.”

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