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I can say that leadership and instructional leadership provided by this curriculum was very beneficial to me personally and something I will carry with me moving forward.

Darnell Reid, Adaptive Leader Program Participant

General Foreman II, Mechanical Facility in Fort Worth, BNSF Railway

A self-proclaimed “lifelong learner”, Darnell Reid was looking for a program to help him and his team add a few more “tools to their tool belt” in the ever-changing business environment.

Why did you seek out Executive Education at TCU?

“I did some research into the Adaptive Leader program through TCU Neeley Executive Education and found some of the topics to be different than what I was used to. After enrolling in the program, Darnell found the topics to be relevant, applicable and even innovative. “Every single topic fell into one of two categories: either confirmation that the approach that I had been using before was one that was sound and had the theory to go with it or it was this huge “ah-ha” moment where I heard something completely different than what I had been doing before.”

What topics stood out to you most in this program?

“The Design Thinking topic was one that kind of aligned with the philosophy that we’ve had for a structured approach to process improvement.” In addition to finding this topic beneficial, Darnell quickly realized one topic in particular was going to be incredibly helpful in his role as a leader. “I was also provided different tools in class like the Crucial Conversations on how to sit down with folks and address behaviors. I’m a people leader, leading a team of 120+ people and need to have crucial conversations and help with personal development plans.”

How are you utilizing the skills you learned in Executive Education on the job?

“I have conversations with my team based off the tools and takeaways from the classes to help them develop and put some of those tools into their tool belts as well.” In addition to utilizing theses skills on the job, Darnell took away an additional benefit he didn’t anticipate; a new network to rely on. “As a secondary benefit, the network established by understanding some of the issues I face, I share with different individuals in different industries, was really cool and it was also networks I could sustain even after the class was complete.”  

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