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A Health Care MBA gives you a well-rounded toolkit to help solve the fundamental problems of delivering better value to citizens of this country.

Winjie Maio, MHA, Senior Vice President and System Integration Office at Texas Health Resources

Instructor of the Health Care MBA Capstone course

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Health Care MBA

You’re a health care professional who experiences daily why health care spending in the U.S. far exceeds that of any other developed country. Get a nuanced understanding of how you can work across operations, finance, information systems, supply chain and clinical departments to address unprecedented challenges in health care. Whether you're a clinician, an administrator or interested in transitioning into health care, you'll gain the business acumen to make better decisions that deliver greater value to patients—and cut system costs without diminishing the quality of care.


  • Think differently with a macro view of your organization and best business practices from other health care organizations—and other industries.
  • Learn how to break down silos in your workforce and solve problems creatively with design thinking.
  • Understand data models to improve population health management and gain better patient outcomes.
  • Study alongside other seasoned professionals who are tackling the same industry challenges.

Already have an undergraduate degree and experience in business? Check out our Accelerated Health Care MBA.

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TCU’s professional development speakers will expand your managerial skills and strengthen your professional brand. Our lineup of experts delivers rare insight on leadership.

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Change how health care works.

For your capstone course, your TCU instructor—an experienced health care professional—will advise you on a project that bridges all the skills you've learned.

What you'll do

You'll identify a real-world problem in health care and pitch an innovative solution to a panel of health care leaders.

Boost your experience with a global twist.

Add international experience to your résumé. Network with key decision makers from the world’s most successful corporations. Talk strategy, learn about regional issues and discuss emerging technologies.



Experience business practices within the EU framework, including a focus on high-end luxury products.


Discover the ins and outs of Chilean business by exploring industries from telecommunications to mining.


Understand the impact on business strategy when dealing with a unique combination of first-world and third-world populations.


Explore sustainable business practices through the lens of people, profit and planet.


Examine China’s economic development and attempt to transition from a low-cost manufacturing center.

Think Differently

This is your chance to build the leadership skills and out-of-the-box thinking that health care institutions need. Through TCU’s specialized courses, you’ll get a macro view of your organization and learn how to apply best business practices from other industries.

TCU's specialized courses

Health Care in the U.S.
U.S. Health Care Policy
Population Health
Legal Aspects of Health Care
Health Care IT & Data Analytics
Health Care Capstone

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