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About Management

Nearly all career ladders in business involve being promoted into leadership. The Management major prepares you for this by developing the skills you need to lead people in organizations, including how to manage people and human resources; how to analysis and solve organizational problems; how to lead teams; and how to be a more effective negotiator. By the time you complete the Management degree, you will have skills employers desire but are most often missing in new college graduates: leadership, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.


Management and Leadership Faculty

Our faculty members will engage you in meaningful dialogue, critical thinking and ethical decision making. They bring to the classroom a wealth of leadership and management experience and research. They rank highly for mentorship, academic experience and teaching quality. They are renowned and respected experts whose research is published in esteemed journals and who are frequently called upon for insights into current news stories.

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BNSF Neeley Leadership Program

What does it take to be a leader? By the end of this select three-year program, you'll not only know the answer, you'll live it. You'll reflect, learn, practice and grow to your fullest potential, ready to influence and lead change in all aspects of your career and life. Learn more at