Department of Accounting | Request for Permission Number Form

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for permission numbers are considered on a case-by-case basis. The issuance of permission numbers is not an automatic process. You must allow 10-14 days before receiving a response from the accounting department.  Only extenuating circumstances constitute the issuance of a permission number for a course when other sections of the same course remain open.  Under no circumstance will permission numbers be issued for closed courses based on preference of instructor or preference of schedule.  Students in their final semester prior to graduation are given priority in all cases. 

Phone Number:
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the Neeley School of Business?
What is your Major?
What is your Minor?
Expected Graduation Date:
Requested Course:
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Please explain why you need to be admitted to this class:

* Please email any documentation to support this request (e.g. Advising Report/Degree Plan, documented scheduling conflicts with open sections, etc.) to  If you are requesting permission for ACCT 40013, please include a copy of your internship offer letter.

The above information that I have provided to obtain a permission number is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that if the above information is, in fact, inaccurate and it is found that I have not completed the prerequisites for the above requested class, I will be administratively dropped from the class.