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Passion for Change: Jean English

In this episode of the Amplify Women in Sales podcast, Jean English, chief marketing officer at Palo Alto Networks, shares how to embrace change in your personal and career journey.

May 11, 2021

By Michaela Petty BBA ’20

Jean EnglishEmphasizing the impact of change and how it can affect someone’s life is something that Jean English holds dear to her heart. Growing up, going to school and raising her family in North Carolina, left English with a passion for change and a desire to branch out and have new experiences.

Looking for something different, English accepted a position that would move her family and career to China. Her life quickly centered around change – experiencing new things, taking huge risks and making bold movies. In this episode, English shares her story of how change helped her become the successful, strong leader she is today and ultimately led to her becoming the chief marketing officer at Palo Alto Networks.

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