We’re Leading Entrepreneurship Across the U.S.
Neeley faculty are taking leading roles in the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE®), the largest independent, professional, academic organization in the world dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship. By fostering advances in entrepreneurship education, research, outreach and public policy, USASBE® supports the development of entrepreneurship educators who in turn create the next generation of entrepreneurs.     

Ray Smilor and Brad Hancock – Board of Directors
Ray Smilor, the Robert and Edith Schumacher Executive Faculty Fellow in Innovation and Technology and Professor of Professional Practice in Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, has been elected as a Director-At-Large for USASBE®, to advance the art of entrepreneurship education.

Brad Hancock, Director of the Neeley EntrepreneNEC_USASBE adurship Center, has been appointed to the board of the USASBE® as Vice President, Events and Programs.

Curt Moore – Chair, International Entrepreneurship
Curt Moore, Assistant Professor of Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, has been elected as chair of the special interest group for international entrepreneurship. The group’s mission is to provide a forum for the development of academic research, teaching and curricular advances, and best practices in outreach efforts related to international entrepreneurship.

USASBE® 2012 Conference
Five members of the faculty and staff of the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center attended the 2012 Conference: Hancock, Smilor, Moore, Michael Sherrod and Ann McDonald. The annual conference brings together educators, scholars, entrepreneurs, practitioners, policy makers and economic development professionals from around the world to learn about leading-edge research and share best practices in entrepreneurship curriculum and program development.

The Neeley Entrepreneurship Center sponsored the 2012 National Model Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program award of excellence. “As the 2011 winner, we know what a tremendous honor it is to be selected from among all of the universities across the U.S. for outstanding entrepreneurship curriculum and dedication to our students, so it was only natural for us to sponsor the award for this year’s recipient,” Hancock said.

Moore led a session on Ignoring, Enthusiastic Adopting, Incremental Improvement or Integrating: Typology and Determinants of Incumbent Entrepreneurs’ Actions in Response to Industry’s Disruptive Change. Hancock participated in a workshop on Expanding Experiential Education: Foundations and Exercises.

Watch a video of Dr. Smilor’s approach to teaching entrepreneurship at TCU.