Entrepreneurship Student Wins National Elevator Pitch Contest  

Elevator pitchTanner Agar brought home $1,500 and third place out of 60 competitors in the national Elevator Pitch Competition sponsored by the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Chicago. Tanner won first place at TCU, which earned him the spot to compete in the national competition.

“The competition at the national level was very, very good,” he said. Like Tanner, most had viable, successful companies, not just ideas, to pitch. “It was amazing to be in that environment and meet other students doing incredible things. And to have access to the judges. One judge asked me to lunch and now we are chatting by email.”

Tanner’s company, The Chef Shelf (www.thechefshelf.com) is an online gourmet food retailer for leading chefs and restaurants. The idea was born from his love of cooking and experience as a chef.

“I’ve been a chef and I wanted to start a company that combined my passion for restaurants with business, and give chefs a chance to break into the specialty food market.”

For his elevator pitch, Tanner laid out his model for building The Chef Shelf and increasing the website and products.

“The challenge with any elevator pitch is that there are so many things you want to say and you only get 90 seconds,” Tanner said. He also talked about why he created the company, to help people he knows and the industry he enjoys.

Going forward into January, Tanner plans to help more chefs bring new products to market, especially prepared foods such as soups.

Tanner came to TCU especially for the entrepreneurship program.  

“The Neeley entrepreneurship Center has been great to me. I love working with everyone there. It confirms the reason I came here.”