TCU Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Named Best Student Chapter in the Nation

TCU CEO OfficersLeadership? They define it. Membership? More than 100 across the TCU campus. Accomplishments? More than they could name in the few minutes they had to present.

TCU Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (TCU CEO) officers Courtney Schmit, Cole Petrie, Daniel Pino and Jacquie Hunt traveled to Chicago to the CEO national conference to pitch why their chapter is the best in the U.S. based on leadership, membership and accomplishments.

For the competition, each of the 230 chapters submits a two-page overview of the past year. Three finalists are selected to present in front of a panel of judges. The 2013 finalists were Texas State, University of Nebraska at Omaha and TCU.  

“Neeley prepares us to give professional, polished presentations, and that enabled us to share the many aspects of TCU CEO that make it the best in the nation,” Courtney Schmit, vice president of membership for TCU CEO and a marketing major, said.

Jacquie Hunt, vice president and treasurer of TCU CEO and an entrepreneurial management major, agreed, and added: “I also think they saw our passion for the organization and how much TCU CEO means to each of us.”

The team focused on TCU CEO’s 100-person-strong membership, networking opportunities, speaker series, boot camps, road trips and competitions.

Cole Petrie, TCU CEO vice president of operations and finance-real estate major, said that the chapter’s large, active membership impressed the judges.

“One of the accomplishments we are most proud of this year is a more active membership body,” Courtney said in the presentation. “Members who are more involved are more valuable, so we decided to require semester dues to achieve an active membership status.”

One unique aspect of TCU CEO is that membership is not restricted to TCU business students.

“We actively went to every college on campus and recruited members, so we now have representation from disciplines across TCU,” Daniel Pino, TCU CEO board member and an entrepreneurial management major, said.

The student chapter is supported by the Neeley Entrepreneurship Center and more than 20 TCU faculty members, TCU Coleman Faculty Fellows, who incorporate entrepreneurial thinking and innovation into courses across TCU.

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