The Future is Underway at the TCU Neeley School of Business

Construction activity began over the summer as Dan D. Rogers Hall came down to make room for a more contemporary, collaborative, motivating building complex.

August 24,  2017

By Homer Erekson

Neeley School students and visitors, we are making progress on a new future. You will notice right away that Dan D. Rogers Hall has been removed and the foundation for the new building is being prepared. We will communicate with you regularly about all construction activity, so you will know where everyone and everything is located as we make progress toward the Spencer and Marlene Hays Business Commons. 

Throughout the construction process, the classroom experience and support services for students will be disturbed as little as possible. However, with the removal of Dan D. Rogers Hall, several offices, departments and programs have moved. Download the new locations here.Download the map.

For our undergraduate students, the Neeley Academic Advising Center is now on the first floor of Tandy Hall and the Alcon Career Center is on the third floor of Tandy. 

For our graduate students, Graduate Career Services is on the first floor of Smith Hall and the Graduate Program offices are on the second floor of Smith Hall. 

Many of your professors’ offices have moved, most to the Neeley temporary office complex (TOC) located between Lubbock and Merida. I suggest you check the directories located in Tandy Hall and Smith Hall, or refer to the directory on our website under your professor’s name:

Construction also means that part of Lubbock Avenue is closed, along with all entrances to Tandy Hall and Smith Hall that faced Lubbock. The entrance to Tandy Hall is now only through the west doors. 

These changes may take a little getting used to at first, but we are excited at the progress we are making toward a more contemporary, collaborative, motivating environment. The new building complex will include new east and south wings housing high-tech classrooms and a large auditorium. Classrooms will be designed to encourage interaction, and there will be numerous spaces for faculty, staff and students to meet outside of class. 

I thank everyone who is helping us build the future by investing in this important project where business, innovation and values-centered life come together to prepare students for high-value careers.