Uhl-Bien Mary CNBC 8-2018

Mary Uhl-Bien Featured on CNBC with Insight into CBS News CEO’s Troubles

“The investor call sent the wrong signal. I believe people were looking to see that it was not business as usual and that was clearly business as usual,” Uhl-Bien told news anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin.

August 08,  2018

By Elaine Cole

Mary Uhl-Bien, the BNSF Endowed Professor of Leadership, was called upon by CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to talk about CBS News CEO Les Moonves’ sexual harassment allegations and how the CBS board appears to be taking its time deciding on any action to take, as opposed to other #metoo scandals where people were fired very quickly. 

Uhl-Bien was featured on the popular morning news show along with William Cohen, Vanity Fair special correspondent, to provide expertise on the subject following CBS’ quarterly earnings call with no mention of the allegations against Moonves.

“Squawk Box” co-anchor Sorkin asked Uhl-Bien who is going to provide the push back to CBS, if not the investors.  

“The push has to come from the investors, which it’s not, from advertisers, and advertisers haven’t done that yet, or consumers. And when you think about consumers, it’s much easier to hit delete Uber or buy coffee somewhere else or delete your Facebook account than it is to stop being a customer of CBS,” she answered.  

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