Uhl-Bien Mary 2018

Mary Uhl-Bien Featured on National NBC News About SEC’s Proposed Ban on Elon Musk

“To me, the SEC was too harsh. This is an issue his board and shareholders should be addressing,” Uhl-Bien told NBC News.

October 08,  2018

By Elaine Cole

Can Tesla survive without Elon Musk? 

Mary Uhl-Bien, the BNSF Endowed Professor of Leadership, was featured in an article by NBC News’ Martha White for her insight into the SEC considering banning Musk for life after legal fallout from Musk’s tweetstorm intensified.

Musk, who the article pointed out is also the electric car company’s largest shareholder, tweeted that he might take the company private and had the funds to do so, which the SEC charged was untrue. The SEC announced that it was seeking to bar Musk for life from being an officer or director of a public company. 

“Twitter should not be a form of formal communication,” Uhl-Bien said, pointing out that President Donald Trump’s tweets — which have threatened everything from a nuclear showdown with North Korea to withdrawal from NATO — are not treated as policy directives.

“It’s not a formal platform and I think we’ve shown that with what the president has done. To me, the SEC was too harsh,” she said. “This is an issue his board and shareholders should be addressing. I think his board should’ve stepped in. That’s where I think the mistake is.”

“If the SEC were to take him out, that’s incredibly damaging,” for Tesla, Uhl-Bien said.

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