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TCU Neeley Ranks 14 in North America for Undergraduate Supply Chain and 16 for Graduate

Supply chain is one of the most vital, innovative fields in business, and TCU Neeley is among the best in North America at delivering top supply chain talent.

August 29,  2018

By Elaine Cole

Gartner, a leading global research and advisory firm, ranks the TCU Neeley School of Business among the top 25 in North America for both undergraduate and graduate supply chain programs. Gartner's rankings highlight programs in the United States and Canada with the best curricula, real-world experience and industry reputations to help supply chain leaders select university partners that will strengthen early-career and experienced-hire pipelines.

TCU Neeley ranks No. 14 in North America and second in Texas for undergraduate supply chain, and ranks No. 16 in North America and second in Texas for graduate supply chain. 

TCU Neeley offers an undergraduate major in supply chain and three graduate supply chain degrees: Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, MBA concentration and MBA specialization. 

Key takeaways from the rankings are that undergraduate and graduate curricula continue to expand, with an increase in analytics and technology; more women are choosing supply chain degrees; and graduate supply chain starting salaries continue to rise.  

Top 25 North American Supply Chain 
Undergraduate Programs 2018
1. Pennsylvania State University
2. Rutgers University 
3. Auburn University
4. Michigan State University 
5. University of Tennessee
6. Arizona State University 
7. University of Texas at Austin
8. Western Michigan University
9. Georgia Institute of Technology 
10. Northeastern University
11. University of Minnesota
12. University of Wisconsin – Madison
13. University of South Carolina
14. Texas Christian University
15. University of Arkansas
16. Marquette University
17. University of Houston
18. Syracuse University
19. Ohio State University
20. University of North Texas
21. Bowling Green State University
22. Miami University
23. University of Texas at Dallas
24. Texas A&M University
25. Wayne State University

Top 25 North American Supply Chain 
Graduate Programs 2018
1. Pennsylvania State University
2. University of Michigan
3. University of Tennessee
4. Michigan State University 
5. Rutgers University 
6. University of Minnesota
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8. Arizona State University 
9. University of Texas at Dallas
10. University of Wisconsin – Madison
11. Georgia Institute of Technology 
12. Indiana University
13. Northeastern University
14. Ohio State University
15. North Carolina State University
16. Texas Christian University
17. Wayne State University
18. University of Southern California
19. Howard University
20. University of Texas at Austin
21. University of South Carolina
22. Syracuse University
23. University of Houston
24. University of Washington
25. University of San Diego

Source: Gartner’s Top 25 North American Supply Chain Undergraduate and Graduate University Programs 2018

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