Neeley admission was just the beginning

Remember checking boxes when apply to Neeley? that's done.

You create your path through Neeley Premium Credentials using a Personal Development Blueprint which provides a customized design for your professional brand.

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  • Focus: What strengths can take from good to great? What professional skills do you need that presently make you uncomfortable? If you struggle with identifying development areas, ask your friends, they are sure to have some ideas.
  • Goals: If you are a nervous networker, don’t expect to become a high powered connector within a few short weeks. Set goals that make sense that you can achieve using a three to six month timeframe.
  • Actions: You and an assigned PDC coach will work together in determining the professional activities best-suited for success. Your action plan will clearly lay out specific steps for you to reach your goals.
  • Timeline: The only due dates are the ones you set for yourself.
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If you have been officially admitted into Neeley and are ready to start the journey to earn your Neeley Premium Credentials: Professional Development Certification, here’s your first step.

  1. Download the Blueprint using the link below
  2. Create your Blueprint by following the instructions provided on the form
  3. Email your Blueprint to the PDC at
  4. Review the comments provided by your assigned PDC Coach when it is returned to you
  5. Coordinate with your PDC coach to schedule a short meeting to develop an action plan
  6. Complete your action plan based on the timeline you identified.

Download the Blueprint      Learn more about PDC Coaches

Modeling success

What do successful Neeley students do differently than their peers?

They make time. If you are looking for an overnight method to establish your professional brand, you will not find one. What you will find is you have the support, resources, and knowledge from a highly-ranked business school to achieve your vision of success.

They are open to feedback. Feedback may be a gift, but you will not always like what’s in it. Clear and direct, that is what you can expect when receiving feedback from coaches. We want you to achieve your vision of success and we owe it to you to be straightforward and honest with our feedback. It’s a waste of your time and ours if it’s done any other way.

They are visible. Make yourself known by actively participating in your Neeley experience and using the amazing resources provided to you. Be more than just another face in the halls, be a professional that represents the best Neeley has to offer.


Neeley Premium Credentials makes you visible.

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Stops along the way

Through Neeley Premium Credentials you will complete professional activities which are a natural extension of your Neeley experience

The Connections:Targeted networking

  • Create a professional profile on LinkedIn and start to connect.
  • Explore the possibilities and determine the connections that make sense.
  • Reach out to your network and conduct informational interviews to learn more about your career possibilities.

The Experience: Relevant internship

  • Schedule a targeted mock interview to prepare for internship interviews.
  • Update your Blueprint before you begin your internship to maximize the experience.
  • Reflect on the experience and identify what you liked and didn’t like to narrow down your career path.

The Capstone: Skills in action

  • Apply your skills in new ways and see how your skills translate into impact. 
  • Options include, though not limited to, working as an NPC Coach, participating in a case competition, in-class projects, honors activities, specific study-abroad programs, student organization and on-campus projects.

The Refinement: Overdone strengths – self and feedback version

  • Learn how your strengths can become obstacles.
  • Invite peers/colleagues to complete a feedback version of Overdone Strengths which will illustrate how others perceive you in action. We do the set up, you send it out, and together we discuss the results.
  • Refine your blueprint based on what you learn.

The Transition: Professional mentor

  • Pick the right person to guide and support you through the initial stage of your career.
  • Formalize the relationship and start planning for your next step.

The Designation: Neeley Premium Credentials: Professional Skills Certification

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