The TCU Sales Center features an internal Sales Enablement Team, a faculty-led student program that offers marketing, branding and media services for industry partners. With our deep knowledge of the sales process, our teams’ services can help your organization develop and execute strategic campaigns that drive growth and withstand competition in the marketplace.

All profits generated by the Sales Enablement Team directly support student programming, which empowers the next generation of sales and marketing leaders.

Our Services

Digital Design and Slide Deck Design
Digital design involves graphic development which can be useful for instructional slide decks, research showcases (e.g., conference presentations), research posters, fundraising brochures, informational graphics and event promotions. Logo design and other brand curation might involve a brand audit, which the Sales Enablement Team can execute.
Podcast Production
Involves market research, implementation strategy, talent sourcing, production-scheduling, and correspondence with guests, recording and editing.
Live Event Media Streaming (Event Videography)
Video streaming (e.g., YouTube, Twitter and Instagram), including managing a chat thread or live viewer engagements. Audio streaming is also available (e.g., the Clubhouse app which is now available on both iPhone and Android).
Videography (General)
Editing existing footage; or filming, recording and editing event footage (on campus, externally or virtually). Long-form videos or “mashups” are offered, which are marketable quick-cuts meant for social sharing. These quick-cuts often have relevant summary captions, titles, intros and outros, branding elements and music.
Text Message Campaigns and Drip Marketing
Text messaging is one of the most penetrative and attention-guaranteed marketing tools available. Imagine seeing a slide during a presentation that says “text the word ‘calendar’ for upcoming events to [phone number].” Then, attendees will get an interactive calendar in response to their text, and you will have the attendee’s information in a customer relationship management system for future use.
Event captures (on campus, externally or virtually), professional headshots, promotional product or brand curation photography.
Social Media Management and Marketing Data Analytics
Social media management involves social monitoring and brand engagement oversight on platforms that visualize data (e.g., BrandWatch or Social Studio with Salesforce), as does website production and management, all of which are inherently driven by data insights.
Online Newsletters and Email Customer Engagement
Email newsletters require platform selection, content writing, graphic design and customer relationship management, all of which the Sales Enablement Team can manage and execute.
Influencer Engagement
This category requires list building and strategic, personalized engagement. An incentive budget for the influencer will be advised.
Event Management
Services are available on campus, on location or virtual.
Website Design
TCU limits access to controls of “.edu” sites. However, functional drag-and-drop build outs can be provided.
Data Aggregation and Automation Systems
This involves autoscrape, data aggregation, data cleaning and data curation to build large prospect lists (e.g., conference solicitation lists).