Management Department | Request for Permission Number

Please attach the following documents: 

  1. UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT (available from the drop down menu under path to graduation-other academic) in your "Student Center."
  3. GRADUATING SENIORS: please attach your approved 'COMPLETION OF INTENT TO GRADUATE' document.* If this is attached, we don't need the first two documents listed above.

*The correct 'INTENT TO GRADUATE' document will be emailed to you from your advisor and will show the CLASSES YOU NEED TO TAKE IN ORDER TO GRADUATE. Your request for your intent to graduate is NOT sufficient.

** Any request submitted without these documents will be held until they are received. This will likely delay your request.

Name: *
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Phone Number: *
Have you been accepted to the
Neeley School of Business? *
What is your Major? *
What is your Minor?
Expected Graduation Date: *
Desired Course: (ex. MANA 30153) *
Section Number: *
Please explain why you need to be admitted to this class:


The above information that I have provided to obtain a permission number is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that if the above information is, in fact, inaccurate and it is found that I have not completed the prerequisites for the above requested class, I will be administratively dropped from the class.

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