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TCU’s classes are global in scope, but small by design. You’ll have a voice in every discussion and you’ll learn the practical side of business through real-world case studies. Your professors will draw on their corporate experience and research strengths to bring the latest business knowledge to your classes. And TCU’s year-long project teams, which mirror real-world work groups, will push you. You’ll learn new skills from your teammates, amplify your personal strengths and form strong friendships to last through your career.   

Exceptional Faculty

Many MBA students across the country take the same classes, so what makes the experience differ from college to college? One of the most important factors is the person at the front of the classroom.

At Neeley you will learn from respected, experienced scholars. Many work as sought-after business consultants, sit on corporate boards, have owned their own businesses or have held influential positions with leading companies.

They’re notable in the academic world as co-editors of the Journal of Management, officers on the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ board of directors and leaders of the Asia Academy of Management.

Most importantly, however, they are talented educators who help you discover new ways of looking at business, the world and yourself.

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Curriculum Plan -- Full-time MBA
FTMBA Curriculum
Course Descriptions

Neeley MBA courses are frequently updated to reflect the innovation, information and technology that drive business forward. Consult our online catalog of courses by clicking the link below.

Accounting Courses

Business Courses

Finance Courses

Info Systems & Supply Chain Courses

Management Courses

Marketing Courses

Available Concentrations

    – Corporate Finance:

    Get ready for careers solving complex financial problems for corporations. You’ll learn how to analyze capital investment, new products, potential acquisitions, financial forecasts, capital projects and corporate assets—and how to guide corporations to make smart decisions.

     – Investments:

    Start a career managing financial securities and investment portfolios. You’ll learn about financial instruments, risk/return and valuation, and trading analysis.

    Read more about finance concentrations


    – Product and Brand Management:

    Move your career into brand management at a major consumer packaged goods firm. You’ll develop skills in market analytics, consumer insights and marketing innovations while learning to manage and launch multi-million dollar brands.

    – Marketing Management:
    En route to careers in marketing management, you’ll learn about topics ranging from campaign management to service excellence to customer satisfaction and retention.

    Read more about marketing concentrations

    Prepare to work at firms with extensive supply, materials, and distribution management activities. This concentration encompasses logistics planning, supply chain analysis, project management, and other operations issues. TCU’s MBA program was ranked in the nation’s top 15 programs specializing in business operations, according to The Princeton Review’s Student Opinion Honors survey of student satisfaction.

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Industry Emphasis Areas

In addition to choosing a functional concentration, students may choose to add an industry emphasis that includes 6-9 hours of elective courses focused on a specific industry. Many electives in the emphasis areas are taught by industry insiders or feature guest presentations by industry executives.

Emphasis areas include:

  • Energy
    Develop your understanding of industry fundamentals: production, transportation, distribution of different commodities, the organization of specific markets and the characterization of different types of companies across all sectors of the energy complex.

    Read more about the energy emphasis

  • Health Care
    Develop your understanding of the national health care system at all levels: manufacturing, distribution, provider, insurance, services and public policy.

    Read more about the health care emphasis

  • Consulting
    Prepare to work as a consultant with businesses of all types. You’ll learn to analyze core business functions, identify strategic improvements and implement proven techniques that build a company’s competitive advantage.

    Read more about the consulting emphasis

  • Entrepreneurship
    Prepare to launch your own business or manage new ventures for an existing company. You’ll learn how to spot and evaluate opportunities, acquire resources and create new enterprises that succeed.

    Read more about the entrepreneurship emphasis
Integrative Project
Here’s your chance to show what you can do. In the business world, problems don't come in tidy packages. Effective business professionals must draw from many disciplines to make sound, strategic decisions. The Integrative Project requires you to do just that.

At the end of your first semester, you will tackle a week-long business simulation that tests all that you have learned to date. You and your team must be ready to convince a panel of business professors — and the corporate execs there to see you in action — that your plan solves the problem at hand and makes the most of the opportunities ahead. 

The Integrative Project tests your strategic thinking, team leadership and presentation skills. And for many students, it’s a foot in the door for internship opportunities with companies such as:

Wells Fargo
Deloitte Consulting
Frito Lay
American Airlines
Bell Helicopter Textron
Federal Reserve Bank
NuStar Energy
Sabre Holdings
TTI – Techtronic Industries 

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Enrichment Modules

Numerous enrichment modules, a mix of on-campus workshops and online lessons, hone your technical skills and provide focused time to learn management-level business analysis. The innovative modules we use come from industry leaders – the same experts and organizations that hiring companies utilize.



Harvard Business Online:
Quantitative Analysis

Offered summer before enrollment. A comprehensive online introduction to quantitative analysis for business originally designed for incoming MBA students at Harvard Business School. The module is presented as if you are a consultant to a multifaceted resort hotel business. Subjects covered include Decision Analysis, Decision Trees, Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Probability, Project Planning, Quantitative Analysis, Regression Analysis, Sampling, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Methods, Value of Information.

JumpSTART: Quantitative Analysis Seminar

Offered in conjunction with START Workshop. Custom half-day quantitative workshop developed by the Neeley School’s Dr. Terry Dielman based on input from the Harvard Business Online quantitative analysis module. Provides students with level of proficiency needed for the Statistical Models course.

JumpSTART: Financial Accounting Seminar

Offered in conjunction with START Workshop. Custom three-part workshop developed by the Neeley School’s “award winning” professor, Janice Cobb. Provides students with the skills needed to understand financial statements and record transactions. Uses actual financial statements and footnotes, and provides in-class exercises to help students learn (or refresh their knowledge of) the language of accounting and obtain a level of proficiency required for Financial Accounting courses.

Career JumpSTART: Marketing

Offered in conjunction with START Workshop: This one-day workshop is designed to familiarize students with various aspects of the Marketing discipline, including the academic preparation at Neeley, the supporting student organization, career development, career path and opportunities, etc.

Career JumpSTART: Supply Chain

Offered in conjunction with START Workshop:. This one-day workshop is designed to familiarize students with various aspects of the Supply Chain Management discipline, including the academic preparation at Neeley, the supporting student organization, career development, career path and opportunities, etc.

Career JumpSTART: Finance

Offered in conjunction with START Workshop: This one-day workshop is designed to familiarize students with various aspects of the Finance discipline, including the academic preparation at Neeley, the supporting student organization, career development, career path and opportunities, etc.

Excel Modules

Five separate Excel Modules will be offered to first-year students during the Fall semester to provide more in-depth knowledge and experience with specialized topics.
International Experiences

Get ready to learn about worldwide business issues through TCU's travel classes and study abroad options.  There’s no better way to see the world and how it works.

International Experience Electives (10-14 Day Intersession)

You'll jet to China, Italy, India, Chile or other destinations to meet with business execs working in pharmaceuticals, apparel manufacturing, banking and other industries. And the good news: TCU's travel grants make these international experiences affordable. These 3-semester-hour elective courses are taught in English by Neeley faculty and are conveniently offered between regular semesters in Winter, May and August Intersessions.

CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

As a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute University Affiliation Program, the Neeley School of Business Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance program and the Masters of Business Administration program are recognized for their coverage of the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) of the CFA® Program.* Well over 100 Neeley graduates have earned their CFA charters, and have gone on to highly successful careers in investment management across the globe. The Program Track is designed after the CBOK, and is overseen by Dr. Larry Lockwood, CFA, Neeley Professor and Academic Coordinator for CFA Society Dallas–Fort Worth. The Program Track for the CFA examinations can be taken for elective credit in the undergraduate and MBA finance concentrations.

CFA Charterholders receive a waiver of FINA 60010 and FINA 60011.

* CFA Institute is the administrator of the CFA Program and is the grantor of the CFA designation.

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